Hamish McHamish – RIP

I must admit that I’m not really a cat person, although I do like the look of ginger cats ( I wonder why that is!) I’ve never owned a cat – actually I believe that cats aren’t owned by anyone it’s probably more like they own people. However I did like the idea of a town having a cat, like Hamish McHamish who lived his life out in St Andrews in Fife. He was a great favourite with everyone, especially the students, but sadly he succumbed to a nasty chest infection and had to be put to sleep recently.

Susan McMullen wrote a book about him called Hamish McHamish – Cool Cat About Town.

You can see images of Hamish McHamish here.

Below is a photo of Hamish beside his bronze statue.

Hamish McHamish

2 thoughts on “Hamish McHamish – RIP

  1. There’s a Tobermory cat as well! I like Hamish though! I just adore cats! Must have been an Egyptian in a former life! I liked Smudge, the cat at the Peoples’ Palace in Glasgow too. They had a whole load of pottery Smudge cats made to sell, and also had a picture postcard of them and the real Smudge! It was entitled Smudge and his Chinas! (A ‘china’ is a ‘friend’ over there, and as the artificial Smudges were made of china, it was rather apt – and clever!)

    • Evee,
      There’s a Tesco cat in Kirkcaldy, he enjoys the heat blasted out from above the doors, nobody seems to know who owns him but I believe he has a Facebook page. Smudge must have appeared at the Peoples’ Palace since we last visited there, haven’t been for ages. ‘China’ in Glasgow is short for the rhyming slang china plate = mate!

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