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I watched the lunchtime Scottish news today and there was a bit about sales of the author Mary Stewart’s jewellery, books, jade and such which will be held at Lyon and Turnbull auctioneers over the next few months. You can read about it here. Apparently she treated herself to a gorgeous piece of jewellery whenever she had a new book published. It would be nice to think that her ‘stuff’ will end up with people who were fans of her books, but sadly I won’t be bidding! You can have a snoop at the online catalogue here though.

The newspaper article calls her Lady Mary throughout which drives me nuts as of course she was NOT Lady Mary she was Lady Stewart. She would have had to be born a lady to have that title, instead of which she became Lady Stewart when her husband was knighted.

4 thoughts on “Mary Stewart – auctions

  1. How fabulous! I wish I could afford to bid on one of her pieces of jewelry – especially the crescent moon brooch. I really do hope that it is all fans of her novels who end up with her things.

    • Anbolyn,
      It would be nice to think that her jewellery was bought by people who appreciated her writing. I love the crescent moon brooch too, I think she commissioned that design when she sold The Moonspinners. She had no children of her own but I’m surprised that her niece didn’t want to hold on to that particular piece. It makes me wonder what they have decided to keep a hold of.

    • Valerie in NZ,
      I suspect that she was quite happy just to be called plain Mary Stewart but I do think if people such as reporters decide to use titles then they should at least get it right!

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