Afternoon Tea at Broughty Ferry

We were given a gift voucher at Christmas, for afternoon tea at Jessie’s Kitchen in Broughty Ferry, not somewhere we had ever been before, but afternoon tea is just about my favourite meal because I get easily bored by food and I like a lot of variety, a wee bit of lots of different things, and that is what we got this afternoon. It was delicious!

Afternoon Tea 1

Afternoon Tea 2

We couldn’t manage it all though, which must be quite a regular occurrence I’m sure, and our waitress asked us if we would like a box to take the surplus cake home, which we did. That was at 4 o’clock and we were so full up that neither of us had room for our dinner tonight. All we have had since then is tea/coffee – so with any luck we might not have put on any weight!

The setting is a large Victorian villa overlooking the River Tay and there’s a garden centre in the same building. I think we’ll be making a return visit sometime in the future.

10 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Broughty Ferry

    • Joan,
      There are loads of them here and they all seem to do well. We ate our scones with you in mind! Mine was a fruit scone and Jack’s was plain – we had lashings of butter and strawberry jam, you would have to dodge the butter I suppose.

    • Evee,
      It was years since we had had afternoon tea out somewhere and it has put me in the mood for trying out other places, but we’ll have to restrict ourselves – or exercise a lot more.

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