Geraldine McEwan

Sadly the actress Geraldine McEwan died on Friday, aged 82. There are some photos from her past here. You can read her Guardian obituary here and an article by the Guardian’s theatre critic here.

She first came to my notice when she played the part of Miss Jean Brodie on TV and as far as I was concerned she got that Edinburgh accent perfectly, although someone from Edinburgh might not agree with me.

Reading those articles about her, I realise that there were so many things which she acted in on TV, but I never saw for some reason, so it looks like I’ll still have a lot of viewing to catch up on.

I’m sure it was her portrayal of Mrs Proudie in Anthony Trollope’s Barchester books which started me off reading Trollope, and I’m grateful to her for that as I love his books.

I had always wondered why Geraldine McEwan’s talents hadn’t been recognised officially, by means of a damehood, but it would seem that she was probably offered one and turned it down. That just makes me admire her even more.

If you’re interested you can watch the whole of the Barchester Chronicles on You Tube – with Spanish subtitles!

12 thoughts on “Geraldine McEwan

  1. Yes, much missed. I loved her as Miss Jean Brodie and in Mapp and Lucia – I didn’t like the latest version – and a lot of other roles. She was marvellous.

  2. Was just on IMDB(movies) and saw an article on British ladies waiting for Damehood. Geraldine McEwan was on the list. She turned down an OBE and Damehood. Never understood Sean Connery accepting one.

    • Lorraine,
      Usually you don’t find out about people turning down honours until they are dead and it’s often surprising who turns them down. I’ve never understood Sean Connery accepting one too, just desperate to be called ‘sir’ I suppose. But he bangs on about Scotland being wonderful too – just don’t ask him to buy a house or live here!

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