Pollok House and Garden in Glasgow, Scotland

Here we are back at Pollok House and Garden, you can see my previous post about it here.

Pollok House  garden

Unfortunately the wedding which was taking place inside the house later went outside for the reception in one of those wedding marquees, not my idea of an elegant do but they are very popular nowadays. It meant I couldn’t get photos of all of the garden.

Pollok House  garden

I do love box hedging and it’s so easy to strike cuttings from any trimmings you make. I think I’ll make some sort of wee design in my own garden, nothing grand like this of course.

Pollok House  garden

Below is an area of mixed flower beds.

Pollok House  garden

And a stone wall bedecked with self seeded flowers.

Pollok House  garden

No grand house is complete without a lovely bridge it would seem. This is the bridge which the Clydesdale horse in my previous post walked over.
Pollok House bridge

The tearoom is located in what was the kitchens of the house and it’s obviously the place to go for lunch as it was very well patronised. It’s worth taking a look down there even if you don’t want anything to eat or drink as it’s all very Downton Abbey-ish, with the butler’s telephone booth. I recommend the gingerbread though Jack chose the shortbread, we sampled each others – as you do, both were very tasty. There’s also a good exhibition of Scottish landscape paintings downstairs.

It was a good day out all in all.

8 thoughts on “Pollok House and Garden in Glasgow, Scotland

  1. Beautiful photos and a lovely garden – so green, and very gracious-looking. Is that aubrieta on the stone wall? and do you know what the pinkish-flowered plant is, closest to the camera, in the photo of the mixed flower beds? I can just imagine sitting on one of the seats there, contemplating the flowers.

    • Valerie,
      It is indeed aubretia, and it seeds itself in lots of walls, sometimes you can hardly see the wall for the flowers. I’m sorry, I don’t know what that pinkish plant is, I looked for a name tag but if there was one there it had been hidden by the growth.

  2. What a lovely place. The gardens compliment the house. I like the formality of it, very soothing. I remember your photo of the Clydesdale walking over the bridge.

    • Peggy,
      It is lovely but like a lot of these old places it is needing a lot of money spent on it, there’s damp getting in everywhere I think.

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