Goodreads 2015 Challenge – completed

This year I opted to sign up to read just 75 books for the Goodreads 2015 Challenge, and I’ve reached that number already. You can have a look at the books I’ve read this year here.

In previous years I had signed up to read 100 books in the year, but I found myself being under pressure to reach my goal. As the days in the year began to run out I found myself choosing slim volumes so that I could finish them quickly and be more likely to reach that 100 target.

I didn’t want the same thing to happen this year, but as it happens it has been a much quieter year anyway, with more time for reading. I’m now planning to indulge myself in more classics, which are often thick chunksters – Trollope here I come! But I’ll still be reading whatever comes my way that I fancy the look of, and trying to read a lot of my own books as I daren’t count how many I have unread at home. Oh and of course I’ll be reading more Scottish books for the Read Scotland 2015 Challenge.

Did you sign up for the Goodreads Challenge? If so, do you think you’ll reach your goal by the end of the year?

12 thoughts on “Goodreads 2015 Challenge – completed

  1. I signed up to the Goodreads Challenge too, to read 80 books. So far I’ve read 71 which GR tells me is 16 books ahead of schedule, so I’ll definitely reach my goal. I did the same as you – previously I’ve signed up to read 100 books and found myself feeling pressured when GR told me I was behind schedule and like you I looked for short books to reach my ‘target’! Of course that little voice in my head still tells me that I won’t reach 100 books this year – but I keep telling it to be quiet – it doesn’t matter 🙂 and I’ll read as many chunksters as I want. Maybe a page count would be more representative – but even that depends on font/format size anyway, so that’s not any better. The real target is to enjoy your books!

    • Margaret,
      You’re right, the main thing is to enjoy the books, and I must say that book blogs mean that I rarely read a book nowadays which I’ve hated and had to give up on, all those recommendations from other readers (often you) have added such a lot to my reading experiences.

  2. I usually average 60 a year so I thought I could ‘keep up’ with you big girls and signed on for 75 this year on Goodreads. Bad move! Terrible year for reading. I’ve only read 31 so far!!! Oh well there’s always next year. I’d really like to read 100 some year. Maybe next year?

    • Peggy,
      But you’ve had such a busy year this year, it’s no wonder that you’ve not managed to read so much. The whole of May was almost a wash out reading wise!

  3. I’m a mood reader and I hate pressure, so I never sign up for any of the challenges. I want to read what I want when I want and not feel I have to read certain books in a certain amount of time. Challenges are not for me.

    • Joan,
      This is the only one which I’ve signed up for, apart from the Scottish challenge which is so easy for me to do. I find the Goodreads one good as it keeps a track of my reading, otherwise I have to peruse the old school jotter which I keep my reading lists in.

  4. I’ve signed up for the Goodreads challenge for a few years ago, and so far I’ve always met my goal of about 100 books. I was running behind this year so I cut it back to 95 and I’m on track, and I suspect I may pull ahead and make it to 100 after all. I think the slightly lower goal is easier, mentally. I read a bunch of Big Fat Books earlier this year and that put me behind, so I’d rather have a smaller goal and exceed it. It just works better for me.

    And congratulations on finishing 75 books already! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on some lovely long Trollope books.

    • Karen K.

      Thanks. I didn’t realise that you could amend your target number. Most of the Trollopes are Big Fat Books of course and even although I don’t work they take me a while to get through. If I’m reading them on my Kindle I get quite downhearted when I have to click umpteen times before reaching 1%. But when I get into the book I’m usually too busy enjoying it to care.

  5. Well done! I have aimed for a 100 again this year and currently on 73 apparently 4 books ahead.
    Now back at work, reading has slowed down somewhat, one a week as opposed to two or maybe three.
    It also means I am not reviewing quick enough either and a bit disillusioned with that part, but I could be back to work blues

  6. Congrats! I also signed up to read 75 books this year. Last year I didn’t do the Goodreads challenge, but I read 63 books. I decided to try and kick it up a notch this year. I’m currently five books behind. Maybe I need to have a couple of readathon weekends or something, which is always a great weekend plan. 🙂

    • Christy,
      I read most of Sunday, and finished two books, although one was Alan Bennett’s Smut which is really just two long stories – or novellas. I’ve never done one of those readathon things, I don’t need the excuse to read! I bet you catch up and reach your 75 book target.

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