Cragside, Northumberland


On our way back up from our trip to the English Midlands in August we stopped off at Cragside in Northumberland again, it’s a National Trust property. The first time we went there we didn’t have time to visit the formal gardens, so we rectified that this time. It was a gorgeous day and there were loads of visitors there, but it was still possible to enjoy the beauty of the place. If you want to see my previous post on Cragside have a look here, here and here.


The houses in the photo above are estate houses which seem to be available for holiday rentals.


This display of sedums is very Victorian and labour intensive but very effective.

Cragside  clocktower

There’s a cute wee clocktower above the sedum display. You can see more images of Cragside here.


And the photo above is of the surrounding countryside, looking over to the small town of Rothbury, which was also very busy with tourists and is definitely worth a look as it has some nice independent shops. We didn’t manage to get past the old fashioned sweetie shop, all those sweetie jars just yelled at us to come in and buy, and the door was propped wide open too, we had no chance of eschewing them, we just had to chew!

8 thoughts on “Cragside, Northumberland

    • Joan,
      We’ve hardly scraped the surface of possible places to visit around the east of Scotland but this one is in the north-east of England, about 3 hours drive or a bit less.

  1. I love Cragside and have been three or four times. I was actually there in August as well, but didn’t have time to see the formal gardens on that visit. Your pictures are beautiful!

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