Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Blenheim Palace

I could have sworn that I had blogged about our 2014 sojourn to Blenheim Palace but when I tried to link to the post recently I discovered that our photos had never even been put on Flickr, so here are some of them, as you can see it was a good day, unlike our visit this year. The architectural style is 18th century Baroque and the parkland was designed by Capability Brown.

Blenheim Palace ceiling

The ceilings are gorgeous, like very elaborately iced wedding cakes. Winston Churchill was born in the palace, although of course he didn’t inherit it, the title went to a cousin. He obviously loved the place though as he chose to be buried in the tiny churchyard at nearby Bladon.

Blenheim Battle tapestry

The tapestry above shows a scene from the Battle of Blenheim.
Blenheim Palace

Above is the view from the front windows, I do love fountains.

Blenheim Palace bridge

But I love this bridge and lake even more than the fountains, and the trees of course. Blenheim is privately owned, not National Trust and it’s expensive to get in, I think it costs £23 for each adult, but you can convert your ticket into an annual ticket, which is handy if you live nearby, not so handy for us driving from Scotland to visit though.

You can see more images of Blenheim Palace here.

You can read about the Battle of Blenheim here.

4 thoughts on “Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

  1. When I was studying abroad for a semester at the Univ. of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, one of our field trips included Blenheim. I think it was raining, so we didn’t get to see the grounds at all, which was disappointing. I don’t remember very much of the palace except that there was some giant centerpiece silver urn thing that a particular husband/wife liked to set on the dining table so they didn’t have to actually look at each other.

    • Christy,
      I’m sure I took some photos of the table setting but I can’t find them, which is weird. We weren’t told that one about the table centrepiece by our guide, but the Marlboroughs are well known for having disastrous marriages, so it certainly rings true.
      It’s a shame you didn’t have good weather when you visited Blenheim.

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