I’m Back (I think)

Whilst some necessary work was being done on ‘Pining’ I’ve not been having a rest. We decided to bite the bullet and start painting the hall and stairs. We’ve had the paint for months and have just been putting it off, because we knew that as always – the house would turn into a bomb site, with furniture and picture frames all over the place, not to mention ladders and paint pots.

Anyway, we’re doing it a bit at a time, the lower hall first, two coats of paint called hot sand  which as usual, turned out not to be quite what I expected it to be, but luckily I like it. It looks like a sort of creamy colour on the pot but it is more a buttery yellow – or ahem sand colour. I think in future I really should ignore the colour on the paint pot and just choose going by the name as that is always more accurate.

Today we gave the walls at the stairs two coats and all the many prints are back on the walls. Tonight I managed to get half of the upper hall done, I suspect it’ll look patchy in the light of day but it won’t take long to give it another quick coat tomorrow morning, then we’ll have reached the worst task, two bookcases will have to be emptied so we can get the rest of the hall finished off.

Meanwhile as I/we’ve been doing that, the news has been full of yet another referendum. At least this up and coming EU referendum has a fairly short time to run, compared with the Scottish independence one anyway.

All the complete lunatics are coming out for Brexit. I think that they might think that if the UK leaves the European Union then things will go back to how they were in the days of empire. The EU is far from perfect, but it’ll end up being more expensive for us to leave than it is just paying into it, and whatever – we would still have to do everything by the EU rules if we want to trade with them.

I have been having a few good laughs though- as whenever they ask any EU migrants what their opinions are – they say that they should stop any more migrants coming in to Britain. There’s nothing like pulling up the drawbridge after you get in I suppose!

Tonight I didn’t even bother to watch the 10 pm news, and we have all the way until the 23rd of June to go. I’m referendum sick already and if I caught a glimpse of Donald Trump on the news then it would be more than I can stand. It seems that the lunatics are planning to take over the asylums, both sides of the pond.

Me, I’m just going to ignore the lot of them, as there’s absolutely nothing to be done about it – there’s just no point in worrying!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back (I think)

  1. You want to come and paint my bedroom when you are done? I won;t even say how long we’ve had the paint for that and still haven’t gotten around to it! At least it won;t be long until the referendum. The US presidential election isn’t until November and the campaigns started last summer and I am so very sick and tired of it all. And they wonder why no one ever turns out to vote! It’s because we are all so exhausted.

    • Stefanie, I’m glad we aren’t the only ones who put off DIY projects for ages! I know how you feel about political campaigns, the Scottish referendum campaign went on for two years, they had a daily countdown!

  2. I love a buttery yellow for rooms. In our last house in the Boston area, our bedroom was a lovely hue of this color, and it was perfect. It’s warm, especially in a room that receives less light, as this one did. Keeps that glow going. And I so admire your working together to improve your living space.

    Well, about D.T., he gives me the delirium tremens, honestly. It’s an absolutely ghastly situation. His supporters are deluded or clueless or brain-dead, it’s hard to tell which.

    I’d be afraid to write that on my blog for fear of offending someone, but thank you for offering your viewpoint so I can offer mine. The comments that Ken and I make about D.T. are much worse than I’ve shared here, believe me.

    • Judith,

      I hate the thought of having decorators in the house and have seen some awful work that so-called professionals have done. We’re happy with the colour, it is very similar to our old bedroom colour too.
      It’s terrifying to think Trump might be your president. It’s a mistake to laugh at nutters – they laughed at Hitler and look what happened! I’ve blogged about him before as he has made a couple of controversial golf courses here. He seems to think he has done us a favour by investing in Scotland. I’d pay to keep him out!

      • There are a lot of US citizens who are terrified to think that The Donald might become president. Personally I’m feeling the Bern.

        • Katherine Myers,
          I know of another ‘Yank’ who is partial to the Bern! I know that Hillary isn’t too popular with a lot of people. I think anyone will surely be better than Trump, thankfully it looks like Trump’s campaign is going off the rails at last.
          Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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