More Books Bought Recently

Even More Books

Above is a photo of more book purchases made a few weeks ago.

1. Jean in the Morning by Janet Sandison will count towards the Read Scotland 2016 Challenge. She also wrote under the name Jane Duncan.

2. The Gazebo by Patricia Wentworth still has its original dust jacket but I would have bought it even if it had just been a paperback.

3. The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer. I think I have at least four books of hers unread at the moment, but I’ll get around to them eventually.

4. A View of the Harbour by Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a Virago reprint. Why oh why did they change from their original dark green covers?

At the moment I’m sitting in heat in Holland. It is usually around 16 C / 61 F at this time of the year but we’re having a heat wave, particularly unusual as the schools here have been off all week for the Ascension Day holidays. In the UK any sort of ‘bank’ holiday usually guarantees awful weather.

I see from the TV weather forecast that Blighty is sitting under a big grey cloud so we’ll certainly feel the difference when we get back home, or maybe we’ll be lucky and the good weather will have reached the UK by then. Whatever – we feel that we’ve already had more sunshine than we’ve had all summer – in some recent years.

8 thoughts on “More Books Bought Recently

  1. The Talisman Ring is one of my favorite Heyer books, so I hope you enjoy it! And I haven’t seen that Patricia Wentworth title before. I don’t know if you saw that a publishing group is putting out some of her books without Miss Silver (Jane at Eden Rock posted about it).

    • Lisa,
      I’m now looking forward to reading The Talisman Ring. I did see that about the books without Miss Silver, it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like.

  2. I’ve read about a dozen of Patricia Wentworth’s book and I have about a half dozen on my Kindle. I know I have The Gazebo, too, but it must be in one of the other stacks.

    The change in the weather will probably be a shock when you leave Holland and return to the UK. As you know, we watch the weather in Scotland, but not in Holland.

    • Joan,
      If you ever find your copy of The Gazebo maybe we can read it together.
      It looks like the weather in Holland is going to return to normal temperatures just as we leave. It looks like we brought the good weather with us and are taking it away again! Driving here we could see torrential rain up ahead but we never caught up with it and the fields were sodden – now places are having trouble with fires breaking out on dry grass.

  3. I am always learning about authors on your blog who are new to me, and this post includes Patricia Wentworth and Georgette Heyer. They are both now on my Goodreads list of “want to read”…..along with all of the others that I hope to read one day.

    You’re always welcome to our place in Florida is you want a guarantee of sunshine:)


    • Paula,
      Thank you Paula. Sadly I’m not too keen on the thought of such a long flight. I live in hope of a ‘beam me up Scotty’ Star Trek sort of gadget being invented!
      I hope you enjoy those authors, if you get around to reading them.

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