The Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Amazingly it’s that time of the year again, The Chelsea Flower Show, for me that means the beginning of summer. It always creeps up on me and yet again I’ve neglected to get organised and actually go to it instead of just watching on TV. Mind you I suspect that you probably see more of it on TV than you do if you are actually there, what with the crowds and everything. So I’ve been watching it on TV and deciding which are my favourite gardens from the various categories. If you haven’t been able to see any of it you should be able to view it here.

My favourite garden in the large show garden category is The Husqvarna Garden, designed by Charlie AlboneChelsea garden You can read about it here. Sadly it only got a silver gilt medal.

I also love Jekka McVicar’s A Modern Apothecary which you can read about here. Can you believe she didn’t get a gold medal?

Chelsea garden

You an look at all of the large show gardens here.

I also like Ishihara Kazuyuki’s garden in the artisan garden category. It got a gold medal although to me it isn’t as lovely as his gardens from past years. I just love acers (Japanese maples) and his designs always feature them.

Chelsea garden

10 thoughts on “The Chelsea Flower Show 2016

  1. I love the Apothecary garden – such a satisfying picture to regard, like a completed tapestry. Love the swirling circular lines that are apparent, and the soft colours and pretty textures.

  2. I always look forward to the way you showcase your favorites at the show. I agree with you–the three you displayed are stunning. Such a treat for the eyes! Thank you.

    • Judith,
      I’m glad you like those ones too. Luckily they had decent weather for the Flower Show, it ends tomorrow. I just wish it would warm up here a bit, it feels more like November today.

      • Eee gads. Oh, how I wish I could visit or transplant your weather to my neck of the woods. It was near 90 degrees today, and due to our multiple air conditioning problems, it was over 80 degrees in the house, which, for me and my dog, is intolerable. It probably would be for Ken as well, but he was suffering from chills from a bad cold, so was not affected. I couldn’t imagine shivering. At least he’s better tonight.
        In any case, I do wish you much warmer, sunnier, good gardening weather! And tomorrow, I’m going to go buy any air conditioner that will work, because we are supposed to get much hotter!
        Now, since this was a post about gardens and plants, my poor violas of all different kinds, are suffering despite the fact that I water them thoroughly each day. This is not viola weather!
        I wish you a leisurely weekend and no rain!

        • Oh, also, we are knee-deep in watching French Open action. Poor Andy had a very difficult 5-setter in one of the early rounds. He won, of course, but it must have been exhausting for him, I’m sure.

          • Judith,
            He does have a terrible habit of making life difficult for himself, and exhausting. I’m sure that admissions to A&E here for heart problems must go up when Andy is playing!

        • Judith,
          We had a very busy weekend in Glasgow, at an SF convention of all things. The weather was lovely, about 68 F but of course Jack was mainly stuck in a hotel. He is also suffering from a heavy cold! So far he hasn’t passed it on to me. I hope your weather cools down, but it doesn’t seem very likely. I imagine that violas just frazzle in your heat.

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