Short break and trip ideas in Scotland

If you’re looking for short break and trip ideas in Scotland you might be interested in this link. You’ll find seven incredible trip you could take this weekend (if you are lucky enough to be in Scotland of course)

I love bridges and the Clachan Bridge on the Isle of Seil in the photo below looks like something out of a fairy tale illustration to me.

clachan bridge

10 thoughts on “Short break and trip ideas in Scotland

  1. I just checked out the link you sent, and now I have more wonderful places to add to my list for the next time I visit Scotland. I did get to enjoy a day in beautiful Stirling, and it was amazing!


    P.S. Yes, I was finally able to visit with Peggy in person recently, and we had a deligtful visit.

    • Paula,
      There are so many places in Scotland that I haven’t visited too. I hope you got to visit more places, not just Stirling! I think that when Peggy gets back here next month she will be in need of a rest, at the moment she’s galivanting around the US!

      • We were staying in Edinburgh, so we saw the sights there and also visited Loch Lomond and some other sights…..just not nearly enough for me!:)

        • No you need several visits to anywhere I suppose to see everything you would like to. I grew up close to Loch Lomond in Dumbarton which is of course not far from Glasgow. It always saddens me that far fewer people take the time to visit Glasgow, which is a great city.

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