Wigtown Bookshops

bookshop 1

It’s a few weeks now since we visited the book town Wigtown, Scotland’s answer to Hay-on-Wye and I now can’t remember if these photos were all taken in the same bookshop. I think Jack took most of these photos, maybe all of them. And I think they were mainly taken in THE Book Shop.


Anyway, you get the idea, lovely places to rake around in if you’re of a bookish type.

a bookshop

One of the bookshops did have a cat that sauntered out to meet us as we came through the front door, but quickly disappeared, obviously we weren’t of great interest to it – just more of those strange people completely ignoring it to stare at walls full of books.

a bookshop

It’s a remote part of Scotland and if you do decide to travel there don’t expect too much. I was very lucky and bought quite a few of books there but there’s very little else in the town apart from a few cafes and a couple of gift shops. As you can see in the photo below, it’s not exactly bustling.

Wigtown Street 3

6 thoughts on “Wigtown Bookshops

    • Margaret,
      It does make a nice change from crowds and queues, although to be honest I thought there would be more bookshops than there were, can’t complain though as I bought several books.

    • Anbolyn,
      It’s the perfect place for you then. We were there on a Wednesday and I think it was their half-day closing day!! Yes some towns still do that, and a couple of the shops seemed to have taken the whole day off.

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