Honfleur in France

Our last port of call on that cruise we went on in October was Honfleur in France. It’s north western France and the weather was very similar to British weather as it tends to be in that area. In fact we had to go into a shop and buy ‘une paraplui s’il vous plait’ – yes the rain was coming down in buckets! That was the only bad weather we had the whole cruise. Luckily we had taken most of our photos before the deluge.

aharbour 1

aharbour 4

But Honfleur itself turned out to be a wee gem of a town, very ancient as you can see.

old building 2

The town is just a very short walk from where our ship Black Watch was berthed.

aharbour 7

aOld building 3

aOld building 5

Some of the houses are very chocolate boxy and others are in dire need of some tender loving care, the one below looks scarily dilapidated!

aOld Building 6

And the house in the photo below is where the composer Erik Satie was born.

aOld Building 8

Sadly it was a Monday again and although most of the shops were open, because Honfleur’s economy must be massively boosted by the cruise ships that visit – the second-hand booksellers obviously didn’t think it was worth their while to open on a Monday. I was SO ANNOYED because I was dying to get in there and get in amongst those books. I wasn’t bothered that they were in French. I would have bought that old copy of Gulliver’s Travels if it had been open and I could see boxes full of old Tintin books in there.


Some women press their noses up against jewellery shop windows but with me it’s the bookshops – or chocolate shops!

I’m sure you know who Erik Satie was but just because I love this piece of music by him I’m putting it on here. Gymnopedie.

12 thoughts on “Honfleur in France

  1. I can’t say I recognised the name of Erik Satie, but that piece of music is instantly familiar and very lovely.
    Honfleur looks a most attractive town and full of interesting history. A bit of handyman attention required on that building in the photo, definitely!

    • Valerie,
      Some of the old places in France have been re-built as they were before being bombed in the war, but Honfleur’s buildings are genuinely old. I definitely wouldn’t want to go into that one being propped up by one scaffolding pole!

  2. What a beautiful little town! It’s a shame the bookshops weren’t open. That’s so frustrating. ‘Parapluie’ is one of my favorite words. Sometimes I say it to myself just to hear how pretty it is, whether it’s raining or not!

  3. How frustrating! I would have been the same – nosed pressed against the window. Honfleur looks lovely though; I’ve wanted to visit there for many years.

    • Stefanie,
      We were lucky that the rest of the town was open as most towns in France have all of the shops closed on Mondays – I find that very strange.

  4. Honfleur was our last stop on our Seine cruise years ago. Sadly, I saw none of it because we scheduled a tour of Versailles that left Honfleur before sunrise that day – as soon as we docked. But Versailles was totally worth it. Would love to have had a chance to poke around Honfleur, though. Looks lovely.

    • Pearl,
      Sadly Versailles wasn’t on offer for us, some people went to Giverny though, but I thought we could do that by ourselves next time we go to France. Maybe we’ll go to Versailles then too.

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