The Santa Klaus Murder

The Santa Klaus Murder cover

I know that lots of bloggers have been reading The Santa Klaus Murder by Mavis Doriel Hay and because I have a copy of it and intended to read it around about Christmas time I didn’t read any of their reviews, so I have no idea what they thought of it.

I have to say that although I fairly happily read the book right to the end I was very disappointed by the story because the culprit turned out to be who I thought it might be almost from the very beginning.

I found the whole book to be very predictable. I’ve read quite a few of these British Crime books this year, some have been good but with others the best bit has definitely been the cover art. Speaking of which, I really like the cover of this one. I’d be quite happy to move into that house.

What about you, have you read The Santa Klaus Murder and were you disappointed by it too?

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  1. I have this book on my Kindle, though I haven’t read it.
    Read Warbler reviewed it and had quite similar comments about the mystery’s predictability. Which of this series of books did you consider worthwhile?
    That’s lazy me saying, “Save me the trouble of wading through mediocre books.” What about Mystery in White? I think that one is also set at Christmas–New Year’s, when a train of holidaymakers becomes snowbound and they must take refuge in a nearby estate or lodging. Wondered if you’d read that one.

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