Books, books, books ….

At the moment I’m reading two books, which isn’t like me, I tend to concentrate on one book at a time. But I bought Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent – Travels in Small Town America in a charity shop the other day and started reading it on the way home. So I’m reading that one downstairs now while I have my morning tea. It’s a fun, light read.

Upstairs (bedtime and afternoon reading) I’m reading The Silver Darlings by Neil Gunn. It’s a readalong for the Read Scotland 2017 Challenge and I’m way ahead with this one as it’s scheduled for sometime in March. I’m enjoying it although at the moment I’m thinking that some of the sea-faring parts could have done with being a bit shorter.

I’ve finished reading Chatterton Square by E.H. Young, an author I had never read before despite having the book for years (Virago). I loved it but that’s a readalong on Undervalued British Women Novelists 1930 – 1960 so I’ll blog about that one within a couple of weeks. Have you read anything by E.H. Young?

The Silver Darlings is a library book, I’ve only just bought the Bill Bryson book and I made the mistake of popping into a north-east Fife library that I don’t normally visit today, and the upshot of that is that I came out with The Z Murders by J.Jefferson Farjeon.

So my great intention of concentrating on my own book piles has like most plans – gone to hell in a handcart, and although I compiled a list of the first ten Scottish books I intended to read for the Read Scotland 2017 Challenge – and the second Scottish book didn’t even appear on that list, it did however jump out at me from a library shelf, and I just couldn’t ignore it. For me libraries are a bit like those shops that have a mish-mash of stuff for sale, end of lines and last year’s stock such as TK Maxx. If by chance you see something there you want then you had better buy it, or borrow it if you’re in a library, because you just might never see it again.

There’s no cure for it you know!

10 thoughts on “Books, books, books ….

  1. I read Chatterton Square a month or so ago and thought it was fantastic. I have read quite a few books by E. H. Young. They have all been good. I only have a couple left and I am spreading them out because I don’t want to run out of her books. I love her character development.

    • Jennifer,
      I agree, it’s a great book and I’ve just bought her Miss Mole so plan to get around to that one soon. I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. Ha ha, I hear you, Katrina! I have vague and varied plans for the year about what to read, what to buy (mostly what not to buy) and the like. But then titles come along and you have to grab the opportunity while you can. That’s what I’m telling myself at least!

  3. I’ve never read the book on America’s Small Towns, but I’d love to find a copy. It sounds delightful, and I grew up in a small town. I’d like to see if there are any familiar ones in the book!


    • Paula,
      The book was published in 1989 so it will be quite historical now I imagine, places can change a lot in that time. When I finish I’ll compile a list of the towns he visited.

  4. Going all wild and crazy with reading two books at once! Be careful, pretty soon you might find yourself adding a third and then a fourth and then you will be writing posts like me about the dozen books you are in the middle of 😉

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