Knitting update – Guernsey style jumper

Jumper Back

As you can see from the photo, I’ve finished the back of the Guernsey style jumper that I’m knitting at the moment. I’m now knitting the front section and I must say I’m enjoying doing the pattern.

I don’t own any fancy stitch holders so I just use old nappy pins, I knew they would come in handy one day!

Yes I actually used terry towelling nappies (Harrington squares) for my babies back in the day and washed them in my twin tub washing machine. I feel quiet virtuous about that, especially when I remember that every disposable nappy ever used is still in existence somewhere in a land-fill site – and my kids never suffered from nappy rash!

14 thoughts on “Knitting update – Guernsey style jumper

  1. I’m quite impressed by your knitting, and what an attractive pattern! I, too, used only cloth diapers, which is what we call them in the US, for all 5 of my children. I wasn’t thinking as much at the time about the environment, but I was just being my thrifty self. Now, I’m more aware of the environmental impact and even happier that I didn’t really feel I had a choice. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater (jumper) when you are finished. I’ve done lots of sewing and handcrafts during my life, but I could never get the hang of knitting even though I tried a couple of times.


    • Paula,
      I dread to think how much it would have cost to use disposable nappies, that was also one of my reasons for using them too, but I seemed to be the only one using them back in the 1980s. I think learning to knit is best started when you are really young, my mother taught me when I was about five, using shorter needles. Wow – what a family you have – I’m the fifth of five myself!

    • Peggy,
      I believe the terry towelling nappies are getting quite trendy amongst ‘green’ people, but I think they often use a laundry service instead of washing them themselves!

  2. love the knitting, Katrina; you’re making rapid progress. I used terry nappies too; I’m not sure anything else was available. When my grandsons came along my daughter used environmentally-friendly nappies – can’t think what they’re called now. There was a thriving secondhand market for them too.

    • Sandra,
      I had my kids in the 1980s and it was rare then for people to use ‘real’ nappies. I remember being at a mother and toddlers group and all of the other kids were in disposables. I know that using real nappies made me potty train them in super-quick time!

  3. Looking good. Love the pattern.

    My nappy pins are still used to keep the corners of quilts in their covers at both my house and mums.

    • Joan,
      I must admit that I’ve never knitted socks, the closest I’ve got to those is baby bootees. and those were just using two needles.

      • If you can knit, you can knit socks. Trust me, if I can, anyone can! I would love to knit a cardigan, but since I knit mainly to keep my fingers busy, I’m not willing to invest that much money in a garment that might not fit, or I may not like. I have a group of friends who love getting hand knit socks as gifts, so it’s a win win for me!

        • Katherine Myers,
          I think it’s just that all those needles look so awkward to use – and sharp! I must really give it a go sometime though. I wonder if you use special sock yarn or just ordinary yarn?

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