20 Books of Summer 2017

I’ve decided to take part in Cathy’s 20 Books of Summer 2017. It seems to be fairly flexible so although I’ll almost certainly be reading at least 20 books between June and the end of August my plans might go a bit awry as if I get completely caught up in Len Deighton’s Bernard Samson books I’ll be reading the ones that follow on from London Match.

Otherwise there are just seven in my list which are by Scottish authors although I’m way behind with the Reading Scotland 2017 challenge. I’m not counting Angela Thirkell as being Scottish although she was of Scottish descent.

1. London Match by Len Deighton
2. I Claudius, Claudius the God by Robert Graves
3. Highland River by Neil M. Gunn
4. The Citadel by A.J. Cronin
5. The Dove of Venus by Olivia Manning
6. City of the Mind by Penelope Lively
7. The Progress of a Crime by Julian Symons
8. Antidote to Venom by Freeman Wills Crofts
9. My Brother Michael by Mary Stewart
10. Flowers for the Judge by Margery Allingham
11. Fludd by Hilary Mantell
12. Pied Piper by Nevil Shute
13. Miss Ranskill Comes Home by Barbara Euphan Todd
14. Katherine Wentworth by D.E. Stevenson
15. No Resistance by Evelyn Anthony
16. A Memorial Service by J.I.M. Stewart
17. The Madonna of the Astrolabe by J.I.M. Stewart
18. Redgauntlet by Sir Walter Scott
19. High Rising by Angela Thirkell
20. Wild Strawberries by Angela Thirkell

I’m planning to re-read Thirkell’s Barsetshire books from the beginning – in the correct order this time, so I hope I get further than number two in that series, it just depends how much readimg time I have, but I want to concentrate on books I haven’t read first.

Have you read any of these books? I’m wondering where I should start.

16 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2017

  1. I’ve read only Pied Piper from that list; haven’t read it for a few years but it was memorably gripping, evocative, and easy to read.

  2. I read I, Claudius many years ago and loved it. I’ve also read High Rising which grew on me – a slow start which then blossomed into an entertaining and witty book. The Citadel is also one I read, but so long ago that I don’t really remember much about it.

    I’d probably start with I, Claudius and hope it’s as good as I remember it!

    • Margaret,
      I meant to read I, Claudius when it was on the TV originally and I bought the book way back then so it’s about time I read it.

  3. I read I Claudius ages ago but never got to Claudius the God, although I have a copy and I’ve read both the Thirkells listed. That’s all. It looks like a list that will be fun to read.

    • Joan,
      I have the two Claudius books in one volume, just a Penguin paperback though. I must admit I’m looking forward to reading the Thirkells in order.

  4. That’s an interesting list, Katrina. I’ve actually just finished reading I, Claudius for the Classics Club – I found it a bit challenging because I don’t know much about Ancient Rome, but I did enjoy it and will read Claudius the God soon. I also enjoyed Miss Ranskill Comes Home and Redgauntlet. They are the only ones I’ve read from your list but I’ll look forward to hearing more about the others!

    • Helen,
      I’ve seen I, Claudius on TV twice so it’ll probably be an easier read for me. I’ve been saying I’m going to read Redgauntlet for ages, I’m determined to read it this summer!

  5. The Citadel is one of my favorite stories, and I’ve read Katherine Wentworth and highly recommend anything by D. E. Stevenson, and I’ve read High Rising and liked it very much, but I too, want to read the books by Angela Thirkell in order. I need to find more than the few I have at the moment. Looks like a great list!

    • Paula,
      I know I read some Cronin books back in the 1970s but I don’t think I read The Citadel, Hatters Castle stuck in my mind as the setting was around where I lived then. I had to resort to buying Thirkell books on the internet at times as some are very difficult to find.

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