Perth Cemetery near Ypres in Belgium

We stayed at the hotel in Ypres for a couple of nights and during the day we mainly travelled around visiting World War 1 cemeteries. This one is Perth Cemetery near Ypres (Ieper) so called because most of the soldiers around this area came from Perth in Scotland.

Gates and Cross
They’re well looked after by the War Graves Commission and most of the time the smaller ones are very peaceful places, they’re mainly surrounded by farmland.
graves 1
In this one we disturbed a beautiful hare who was sunning himself amongst the flowers, far too fast to photograph of course, but I had to admire the choice of place to relax as the plants were particularly lovely here.
Perth cemetery from road

As you can see these cemeteries are very much part of the scenery with roads and people’s houses right next to them.

Perth Cemetery near Ypres

4 thoughts on “Perth Cemetery near Ypres in Belgium

  1. I have no desire to be buried after I die, but if I did, that would be a beautiful place to spend eternity. The graves are beautiful with all those flowers. Many church cemeteries in the U.S. won’t allow you to plant on graves because they don’t want the upkeep if the family / friends don’t care for them.

    • Joan,
      I think that nowadays most people here are cremated. I think it’s cheaper than being buried – obviously land is more expensive here as we don’t have that much of it! These war cemeteries abroad are looked after by the War Graves Commission who do keep them beautifully.

    • Stefanie,
      So many of the graves contain such young lads, often they joined up thinking it would be a bit of excitement in their lives, it seems the least that they/we can do for them.

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