Bergen’s funicular railway

When I saw the queue for the funicular railway in Bergen I nearly walked away in the opposite direction, I’m not the most patient of queuers (is that a word?) but Jack was keen to go on it so we joined at the end. Luckily it moved quickly. I was a wee bit disappointed that it was so packed with people because it meant that we couldn’t really see anything on the way up.

Bergen Funicular Railway

On the other hand that probably made the view more spectacular when we got to the top.

View of Bergen

As you can imagine it was packed with people up there and after having a bit of a walk around admiring the view and taking photos, we had a bit of a sit down to rest because we had decided to walk down the steep path back into the town.

Goats in Bergen

We had to negotiate the goats, thankfully they were friendly, despite the fact that a bevy of nursery age children were paying them some too close attention! I think it was a local nursery afternoon out.

We walked down the path, not realising that there was a much quicker way down – if you took the steps. But I wouldn’t have chosen to go down the steps anyway because whenever I’m up high and there are stairs involved I get a horrible feeling that if I trip up I’ll just about go into orbit!

Our ship the Black Watch is the one most to the right in this photo.

View of ships at Bergen

A week after we got back home from our cruise we were surprised to see that Bergen was the venue for the World Road Cycling Championships, and Bergen was really well show-cased, it was lovely to see it all again, and in some ways to get a better view of some places than we did when we were actually there. They were incredibly lucky with the weather too.

10 thoughts on “Bergen’s funicular railway

    • tracybham,
      It wasn’t at all scary although it might have been if I had been able to see past all the people standing in front of me! I think most people opted to walk down as the train I saw going down was almost empty, maybe we should have taken that one down instead of walking.

    • Joan,
      I’m sure you would have been fine up there, it felt very safe. Yes the goats were a big surprise for us, but they seem to live there and were very happy amongst people.

  1. I remember the funicular! It definitely wasn’t as crowded when we went up (and came down). We went to a concert up there – I forget what that part of Bergen is called, or indeed if it has a separate name. But there was a single storey building where we enjoyed a classic concert of works by Cesar Franck and I remember feeling incredibly happy. (The following day we heard about a medical emergency involving my son and had to go straight home – hence the memory is particularly vivid!)

    • Sandra,
      The entrance to the funicular is within the old town, I don’t think it has a name, but it might. The building is still there but during the day it was used as a cafe I think although we didn’t go in. A concert up there would be wonderful I’m sure, but what a nightmare your trip turned out to be, I hope your son got better.

      • He did, thank you 🙂 But it was a horrible experience for him. He had a ruptured appendix – they needed us to give consent and we were uncontactable (travelling between hotels). My father stood in for us in the end as they couldn’t wait. By the time we heard about it they had already had to operate. The first time we had ever gone abroad without the children – in the days before mobile phones!

        • Sandra,
          That’s just typical that the minute your back was turned – so to speak, something like that happened. You were lucky to have grandparents there, we didn’t have any alive, so we never went on holiday without the boys.

  2. The goats seem completely unbothered by all the attentions from the children! If they are frequently around the area up top. perhaps they are used to it. Quite a view!

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