Isle of Skye

It must be around 20 months since we visited the Isle of Skye, but I have never got around to blogging about it, unlike Jack. So if you want to see some photos of Skye, albeit on a fairly misty day have a look at the link. Isle of Skye

We only spent a few hours there and it was quite busy at all the ‘beauty spots’ although it wasn’t quite as busy as it has been this last summer, when it actually said on the news that the Isle of Skye was full to bursting point and so if you didn’t have a reservation at an hotel, B&B or campsite then – don’t go. It’s the Outlander effect apparently. I must say that Skye isn’t my favourite part of Scotland, I suffered a horrible fortnight’s holiday there when I was 11. It involved a caravan, a boggy field, a brother and a lot of rain, it put me off holidays for years!

6 thoughts on “Isle of Skye

  1. My father used to whistle, as many of his generation did, and one of his favourite tunes was “The Skye Boat Song”.
    He told me the story behind the words.

    If I could retrieve one thing I remember from my childhood, it would be the map of the Hebrides that had probably belonged to his grandfather.
    Long gone, unfortunately…

    Thanks for setting off a train of thought 🙂

    • Valerie,
      That’s so annoying that you don’t have that map, at least you can remember it. It sounds like your father must have been quite homesick for Scotland at times – or maybe it was your grandfather.

      • His maternal grandparents, my great-grandparents, were from Scotland.
        The heritage remained strong, my father loved Scottish songs – remember Jimmy Shand?
        I meant to mention earlier, my father played golf at St Andrews when on leave probably in 1945, he was rather proud of that!
        Unfortunately I have no idea where else he may have visited then.

        • Valerie,

          I seem to remember that some of your family came from Arran, a place I still haven’t got around to visiting yet. I think all golfers want to play at St Andrews, it’s good to know he was proud of that as I often look at it and wonder if any of them are disappointed. To me it’s far from the most scenic of courses, but I suppose it’s full of history.
          Indeed I remember Jimmy Shand, he lived not far from here in a wee town called Auchtermuchty, they have a statue of him there now.

  2. I so enjoyed this post, and am in awe of Jack’s photos. I am going to leave him a reply asap, because I was enchanted. The composition of his photos was outstanding, and really made me feel that I was there. What a moody, broody, beautiful place!

    • Judith,
      During the few hours we spent on Skye we had all sorts of weather, it seemed to change every two minutes, at one point we were in real danger of being blown over completely. Jack is good at taking photos.

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