More knitting – a shawl/stole

I’ve had some nice fluffy but not itchy Sirdar Kitten yarn languishing in my stash for a couple of years now, so I thought it was about time I browsed my knitting patterns and books to find something suitable to knit with it. I settled on this lacy shawl pattern, although I would describe it as being a stole as it’s just like a big wide scarf. It was recommended as a good design for using up bits and bobs of random yarns, and I might do that at some time in the future.


This pattern looks quite complicated but it only involves two different rows and one of those is just all purl apart from the three stitches at the beginning and end of every row. The only difficult thing about the pattern is the fact that the needles used are massive. I used 12 mm needles and it’s a bit like knitting with a clothes pole. I don’t think I would have liked to tackle using the 15 mm needles that the pattern actually recommended.

8 thoughts on “More knitting – a shawl/stole

  1. That is just lovely, and I like the color, too. I’ve done a lot of sewing and crafty things along the way, but knitting is one thing I just couldn’t get the hang of. My hat is off to you!

    • Paula,
      Thanks. My mother taught me to knit when I was five, I’m fairly certain that she thought it was something that a wife needed to know, she was very old-fashioned! I do think though that like many things it’s easier to learn it when you’re young.

    • Sandra,
      Yes I was very surprised at just two rows making up the pattern, but very pleased about it too as I don’t like having to concentrate on patterns with 16 rows or so to them – as I have done in the past.

  2. What a gorgeous shade of turquoise or aqua blue! Very spring- and summer-like, I think, which is lovely. And, as far as the needles go, I don’t know if I could knit at all with the massive sizes. Enjoy!

    • Judith,
      Thanks, I call it turquoise. I don’t think I’ll knit with such big needles in the future although it does have the advantage that the work grows very quickly.

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