Cove, Scottish Borders

Cove harbour

One day last month we went to visit Eric and his family and that always means a lovely walk to the wee harbour at nearby Cove. The water was so tranquil, but there were no scuba divers around.

cottages at Cove

The cottages are still standing despite no doubt being pounded by storms at times, these are the only ones left of what was once quite a large fishing community.

harbour and headland

harbour and headland

This wee harbour is almost like a secret, you really need to know someone who knows the place as you have to walk through a dark tunnel which was created by digging through a hillside. It’s still quite easy to imagine how it must have been when it was home to lots of families though. If you’re interested you can read more about the history of Cove here.

6 thoughts on “Cove, Scottish Borders

  1. A secret harbour, a tunnel, it does all look a bit smugglerish and I see there was a bit of that went on.
    A historic place, well worthy of preservation.
    Those poor folk must have wondered what would become of them after the October 1881 storm that wrought such havoc in the fishing communities.

    • Valerie,
      It devastated communities up and down Scotland’s coast. In some places the women were standing looking out at the boats and could only watch helpless as the boats were wrecked and the men drowned.

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