Winter Solstice

Today was/is of course the Winter Solstice – should that have capitals? I’m not sure, but I feel it should as for me it’s one of the most important days of the year. The thought of the days getting longer and the nights lighter doesn’t half cheer me up.

I am busy with Christmas stuff – like most people at the moment, or should I say most women however, spare a thought for me as I’m also busy with a certain husband’s birthday meal on Christmas Eve. In an ideal world there would be a law against that!

5 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Oh, yes, I agree. In addition to our Thanksgiving in November and then Christmas, two of my three nieces decided that Thanksgiving, early December, and early January were good times to deliver three of the sweetest little girls. That means that my gift shopping begins in November and ends in January.
    Happy Birthday to that Christmas Eve husband of yours!

  2. And what are you serving Jack on Christmas Eve? Is there a cake involved? Does he urge you to make the same (favorite) cake year after year, or does he switch around?
    As you’ve written in your post, “Winter Solstice” should be capitalized because you are talking about a specific winter solstice, and not winter solstices in general.
    (Just a former editor, among other things.)

    • Judith,
      His favourite – leg of lamb. I’ve baked a chocolate beetroot cake for him which sounds disgusting but is really nice and moist, you would never believe it has beetroot in it – and it is supposed to be good for you. I’m sandwiching it with home made wild raspberry jam, sourced from behind our garden! Thanks for the tip on that specific Winter Solstice.

      • Actually, I can imagine that the beetroot would be a wonderful addition to a chocolate cake.
        And leg of lamb–my favorite! I will attend in absentia.

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