Dundee Botanic Gardens – the greenhouses

I can hardly believe that it was way back in September when we visited the Dundee Botanic Gardens. I blogged about the ouside of the gardens earlier, but we also went into the greenhouses which are packed with exotics.

Dundee Botanics greenhouse
It was a hot day outside so it was super hot in the greenhouses.
Dundee Botanics greenhouse
I’ve always been keen on cacti, ever since I bought myself a wee cactus plant from good old Woolworth’s when I was 11 years old. Woolies used to be great for plants, seeds and gardening things in general, it’s sadly missed.

Dundee Botanics greenhouse

As I was admiring the lovely healthy Abutilon in this photo below I realised that it had been a big mistake to plant the one I had bought recently out in the garden. I dug it up when I got home and moved it into the sun room where it promptly lost just about all of its leaves. It did give me one flower though and the leaves are growing back, so I live in hope of a good display this summer.

Dundee Botanics greenhouse

The bright cerise Bougainvillea brought back memories of Portugal where it grows ‘like Topsy’.

Dundee Botanics greenhouse

I should know what this plant below is, but it has escaped me at the moment.
Dundee Botanics, greenhouse

The problem with not getting around to blogging about places until long after the visit is – I can’t remember what this tree is called, but it’s certainly unusual.
Dundee Botanics greenhouse

Dundee Botanics greenhouse

I’m sure that some of you will have plants like the ones in these photos growing wild in your gardens, but here in Scotland they need to be cossetted in hothouses. I’m not sure that I would like too many of them in my garden – if they could survive, I’m more of a daisy/primrose sort of woman, but it is lovely to see them thriving here where they’e obviously well looked after. Dundee Botanic Gardens are well worth a visit.

Dundee Botanics greenhouse , Scotland

6 thoughts on “Dundee Botanic Gardens – the greenhouses

  1. Those are very nice plants in the greenhouse and you took lovely photos of them. We do have a lot of bougainvillea here, not that I have ever used it because it has thorns and gets overgrown too quickly. Nevertheless, it is gorgeous, year round.

    • tracybham,
      I had no idea that bougainvillea has thorns. I must look more closely when next I see some. It does always look rampant abroad but just wouldn’t grow here.

  2. I’ve enjoyed visits to various hot-houses, winter-gardens and desert-gardens. Such an exotic humid atmosphere in the tropical-houses.
    Love the Bougainvillea, which grows where I was brought up.

    I think the plant whose name escapes you is a “wild ginger” as it’s called here. It has very fragrant flowers:


    The tree with the spiky green trunk looks like a silk floss tree:


    • Valerie,
      Your comment actually had to be approved for some reason I can’t understand as I think your email address is the same as usual. Thank you for the interesting links as I’m not at all well educated on exotics. I enjoy walking through the hothouses but I couldn’t stand living in that heat and humidity for too long!

  3. I certainly enjoyed the tour–I love going to “indoor botanical gardens,” although I think that Dundee’s is one of the larger ones that I’ve seen. It would be really fun to visit in the winter when everything is drab outdoors.
    Thanks for showing.

    • Judith,
      The Edinburgh hothouses are much bigger than Dundee – but that’s to be expected. Dundee is good for a small city, I believe the university uses it to grow things too.

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