Spring flowers in my garden

As the weather has been unseasonally mild I’ve been able to potter around in the garden a bit earlier than usual. I have no illusions that this is the end of winter for us though as we’re more likely to get snow at Easter than at Christmas, but the spring flowers are loving the weather and the snowdrops have been blooming for ages now. The ones that I transplanted for the wedding decorations are over and done now, they didn’t like being taken indoors.


These crocuses adored the sunshine. I’d never seen them open so far before.

Some of the wedding decoration snowdrops – below.
The miniature daffodils have survived the rough winds we’ve been having over the past few days.
miniature daffodils

miniature daffodil

miniature daffodils

The purple haze behind the daffodils below is a spring flowering heather, so the garden is beginning to look quite cheerful again, but I’m not going to clear all of the winter detritus away until I’m sure that the cold weather has gone. All those dead bits of last year’s plants help to protect them from frosts which I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of.
miniature daffodils

12 thoughts on “Spring flowers in my garden

  1. How pretty! We got 12 inches of snow yesterday and there isn’t a hint of green in sight. I am so envious. I hope your early spring continues.

    • Jennifer,
      We’re expecting a hard frost tonight but it’ll not last long. What a pain that you have snow again, I hope it disappears soon.

  2. Such pretty flowers. At the moment, my flowers are resting under several inches of snow. Tomorrow the temperatures are 26F for the high and 11F for the low. Where is spring?!

  3. I love the mini-daffodils, and those crocuses are amazing! And I like the first photo of the snowdrops with a backdrop of evergreens. Thank you!
    In our neck of the woods, we have two months now to wait for our daffodils. That’s the way it is usually. Occasionally we have an early spring, with daffs blooming in April, but it’s been rare since we’ve lived here. Our problem is largely one of elevation. In April, while we’re trying to get the snow melted and hoping all the mud will dry out, I like to drive an hour and twenty minutes to the south, to the Saratoga Springs area, to enjoy a bit of spring in all the parks and at the college there. No one here likes mud season.
    We are still going down below zero F at night, due to that vortex thing that keeps going. I really don’t mind, except the ground is so frozen to such a depth, it will be May before the spring bulbs do their thing.

    • Judith,
      I know that most people probably think that we have a lot to contend with in the UK weather-wise but the more I hear about yours – the worse it sounds to me! Suddenly from being frozen you’ll be whacked by high temperatures and humidity – crazy. If I were you I might be tempted to move to Saratoga Springs!

      • We’re at least 10-12 degrees cooler here on a summer’s day than in Saratoga, so that’s something. I love that fact, although we’re just as humid, of course. If I ever move to the south an hour or more, which I think we will do eventually, the AC in our house will be a priority investment.

    • Stefanie,
      It’s getting better all the time but I had to bale out some planters today as we’ve had so much rain recently, more drainage holes required!

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