Powis Castle, Wales

It is ages since we visited Powis Castle, when we drove all the way down to Wales so that Jack could go to a football match, in fact it was over a year ago. I could have sworn that I had blogged about our visit, but apparently not. This often happens to me as I ‘write’ blogposts in my head, but get no further than that, and then I think it’s done and dusted!

Powis Castle from Approach Path

Powis is the only castle in Wales that I’ve visited, according to a recent TV programme I watched most of the castles in Wales are actually English as they were built by the English to keep the Welsh in order. Thankfully the same does not apply in Scotland, our castles are very definitely Scottish, and so different from those in England. Some Welsh people apparently have a bit of a problem about having all those English built castles looming over them, and I can’t say I blame them, but on the other hand – they are still interesting and historic structures. However, Powis is unusual in that it was actually built by a Welshman in the 13th century – Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn. Apparently he was given permision to build it by Edward I as he had been so loyal to him. As Edward I was also known as The Hammer of the Scots I can only imagine that Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn’s loyalty was rooted in fear.

Powis Castle, Courtyard and Equestrian Statue
As I recall it was very cold, well it was February, but the gardens still looked lovely.
Powis Castle Gardens
You can see the bones of the planting better in winter, but I would like to go back in the summer sometime, there are so many other castles in Scotland to see though, so I may never get around to it, Wales isn’t exactly handy for us.
Formal Garden Powis Castle 6

The peahens were patrolling around the grounds.
Peahens, Powis Castle
And when I walked around the plant sales area below they were all over the place, holding me up, but I did manage to buy a souvenir of my visit in the shape of a Sarcococca confusa (Sweet Box) but it hasn’t flowered this year. I live in hope!

You can see some fantastic images of Powis Castle here.

8 thoughts on “Powis Castle, Wales

  1. Had not heard much about Sweet Box before, sounds like a nice wee shrub. Hopefully it will flower for you next winter.
    Lovely Peafowl!

  2. We went there when we retired to Shropshire from Livingston last summer. The gardens were lovely. There is an impressive outlook further down the gardens over the border from a ha-ha.
    We sat wonderful seat made from an ancient cedar that fell in a gale. We were somewhat preoccupied with renting and buying a house last year that this was a welcome respite and refuge (just moved in and like you did, are looking forward to evolving our Muxton garden our way).

    • H,
      We have friends and extended family in that area now so we might well visit in the summer. I’m intrigued that you’ve moved to Shropshire from Livingston, presumably you knew the area well – and didn’t just stick a pin in the map. Here’s hoping you get good gardening weather this summer and you can get stuck into your new garden.

  3. Bodnant Gardens, near Conwy Castle, are gorgeous. We were going to spend a quick half hour there, taking no pictures, because we needed to drive across Wales to our next B&B. We ended up being there for a few hours and taking tons of pictures: )

    • Julie,
      Thanks I’ll note that down for the next time we’re in Wales. I’m sure I’ve heard of Bodnant but didn’t realise it was near Conwy Castle.

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