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For the last fortnight we’ve been cruising around the Baltic on Magellan and I have to say it was about a week too long for me. I was really desperate to get home after we had visited St Petersburg, but we had three more stops after that. Mind you, one of those stops was to Stockholm, a place I hadn’t been before and I was very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is.

I found the actual cruise to be rather boring, but I did manage to read six books, some of them chunky classics too. Unfortunately just about everyone on the ship ended up with a cold which developed into a hacking cough – including me and Jack, I’m still not feeling great. The air conditioning just about guarantees that any lurgy is liberally shared around everyone. On the plus side – despite having five course dinners – we both managed to lose weight! The food is another aspect of cruising that I didn’t enjoy. Most people seem to feel that as they’ve already paid for the food they’re determined to eat as much as they possibly can. It’s really off-putting.

Otherwise the highlight of the cruise was St Petersburg – as expected. We took loads of photos, well, Jack took most of them but at some point I’ll be using them in blogposts soonish. Meanwhile, I was so glad to get home and so impressed with the lush green growth since I had last seen my garden, I had to take a photo of it.

my garden

People have often commented on how green it is and I must admit that I’ve always taken it completely for granted but after having been surrounded by a grey Baltic and even greyer North Sea for two weeks – and what was worse – absolute flat calm all the time, I now appreciate my garden even more than I did before.

my garden

I love a good rough sea but Neptune seems to go to sleep as soon as I get on board a ship!

8 thoughts on “Home – at last!

  1. I bet you’re glad to be home. Your garden looks really flourishing; hope the weather is good to you now: some warm sun to help you over the shipboard bugs and you’ll get thoroughly ‘grounded’ again quickly.
    I’m trying not to think of the folk getting their money’s worth by eating all they’ve paid for!

  2. Welcome home! I’m sorry you didn’t get to ‘batten the hatches’ and tie yourself to the mast during your cruise! I can’t wait to see the photos you and Jack took. Your garden is an inspiration. Beautiful!

    • Joan,
      My next voyage is going to be next month – a trip out in the Firth of Forth to see the puffins on the Isle of May. It’s almost guaranteed to be nice and rough!

  3. I’ve not been getting notifications since you’ve got home, Katrina; I’ve resubscribed so fingers crossed. Meanwhile, welcome home. Sorry about the greyness and the calmness and the lurgy – none of which sounds at all appealing. But I’m glad there were some highlights in St Petersburg and Stockholm. And how nice to finally get home to such an oasis of green. Your garden looks beautiful. Now to catch up!

    • Sandra,
      I noticed that you had resubscribed so I hope that that works, otherwise I’ll have to see what’s going wrong – via Duncan who should be able to sort it out.

  4. Hi Katrina,
    Oh, I have so much I want to say, but time is short at the moment, so I will say that your garden is such a tonic, such a treat for those in love with gardens, and so smashing! You know I go over the top when I view your garden. By the way, however, did you get that low-flying helicopter shot from above???
    Wishing you the best,

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