Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Gardens, Royal Palace

Back at Stockholm, above is a photo of the royal palace and public gardens nearby.

Below is a statue of what Jack described as a disporting gent but we didn’t find a clue as to who he is.

adisporting gent , statue, Stockholm, Sweden

statue, Stockholm, Sweden

Below is definitely Linnaeus.


One of a pair of waterfalls at the royal palace.

Royal Palace  waterfall, Stockholm

A church and street.

church, Stockholm

The national museum – below.

national museum, Stockholm

The Riksdag below is I presume the parliament building, I thought the plane flying past would have looked better than it does in the photo.

Riksdag + plane, Stockholm

Riksdag gateway.

Riksdag gateway, Stockholm

Eventually we found Gamla Stan which is the old part of the city and as you can see was stuffed with tourists. Shops selling Dala horses abounded, but we resisted as our old ones look nicer than the ones they sell now. I nearly bought an old children’s book with lovely illustrations but as the shop owner was on the phone all the time we were there – chatting with a friend – she didn’t get the sale. I’m still annoyed, but it happens here too, I just wonder why people have shops if they aren’t willing to serve the potential customers.

Gamla Stan, old Stockholm

Lastly is a photo of the waterfront. I don’t know what it would be like on a cold and grey winter’s day, but certainly in blue sky sunshine Stockholm is a stunningly beautiful city.

Stockholm waterfront

5 thoughts on “Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Stockholm was our second choice for a vacation destination this summer. Scotland just edged it out. Your photos are beautiful. I will have to keep it one the list for some day in the future.

  2. What a gorgeous day you “chose” to be in Stockholm! Beautiful photos–although I much prefer your garden to the Stockholm Gardens. Speaking of, how is your garden doing? I keep thinking you’re going to be getting really warm weather just because they’ve had warm temps at Wimbledon, but I know you’re a mighty long ways away from there.
    Did you hear Serena Williams finally agreed to play with Andy in mixed doubles? That should be fun!

    • Judith,
      My garden is not too bad at the moment, I’ll put some photos on soon. Really I’m glad we don’t have the heat that they have in London in the summer, 70F is enough for me and we’ve had that recently in Scotland – and higher, but it’s cooler at the moment. Yes I’m looking forward to Andy and Serena in the mixed doubles. I watched him tonight in the gents doubles, thankfully they won.

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