A winter walk in Fife

Early on in December I was really happy to see that winter had appeared, not that I particularly relish the cold weather, but I do like to get out for a good walk every day and I was really fed up with ploughing through mud and skidding on it after all the rain we had been having.

Another Wintry Path

Anyway, when you’ve been out in the chilly air for five or ten minutes it no longer feels that bad, and it’s just such a lovely change to be out in the bright day instead of in the damp dreich greyness that seemed to have been our weather for days and days.

Frosty Leaves

Winter Leaves

Of course I had forgotten my camera, but luckily had my phone, that’s why it has taken me so long to get around to showing you these photos though as I had forgotten about them.

Winter Walk

The paths around Balbirnie lead through what was a grand Victorian estate with specialist rhododendron bushes, many of which are now tall trees, but a modern golf course has been built in part of it so the landscape swings from natural beauty to ultra manicured fairways as you can see from the photo above of the frozen water hazard.

Winter Path

The woodland is managed in what I hope is a fairly environmentally healthy way. Fallen trees and limbs tend to be left more or less where they fall so that they can continue to be of use to the beasties that inhabit them and will eventually nurture the land again.

Sadly this wasn’t really the beginning of our winter weather, since then we’ve only had a few days of frosty weather which thawed out quickly and we’ve been back to dodging puddles and boggy ground. I bet our coldest weather appears over the Easter weekend! Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed stretching your legs in this winter walk in Fife.

Frosted Tree Trunk

7 thoughts on “A winter walk in Fife

  1. I love seeing pictures of your winter landscape even if I am just a little jealous of where you live:-). We get really excited here if we have a frosty morning!

  2. Lovely photos, for me they evoke R. L. Stevenson’s lines in “The Vagabond” –

    “…White as meal the frosty field —
    Warm the fireside haven…”

    (read that poem at school, those words have stayed with me)

    • Valerie,
      By coincidence I visited the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh for the first time today it features Burns, Scott and RLS. I have never read The Vagabond but those poems we had to learn at school do tend to stick with us.

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