Easter Daffodils at Balbirnie, Fife

Let’s go on a wee virtual walk on this lockdown Easter Sunday. When I took these photos of the daffodils on the Balbirnie Estate/Park in Fife last week the daffodils were in full bloom and as usual getting a bit battered by the wind, it always amazes me how much bad weather they can put up with, they’re obviously not as delicate as they look.

Balbirnie Daffodils

Balbirnie Daffodils, Fife

Some of the boundary stones that edge the Balbirnie driveway have faint ancient markings on them but most must have been placed there in fairly recent years. These stones aren’t far from the Balbirnie Standing Stones and they date back to the Bronze Age.

Balbirnie Daffodils, Fife

The daffodils below are growing in what counts as the rough of the golf course I suppose and we sometimes end up helping a golfer to find their ball. One day last month, in the glory days before the course was shut to golfers because of the lockdown, we witnessed one golfer whacking his ball in the rough and he managed to bounce it off a tree really hard, it bounced back with such force and ended up further back than the start. It might have killed him if it had hit him, but as it was – he almost died of embarrassment I think!

Balbirnie Daffodils, Fife

Even a water hazard looks quite scenic when framed by tree branches I think. We usually steer well away from the fairways when we go for our walks although in theory in Scotland they can’t stop anyone from just wandering over the course even as people play. But we noticed that the dog walkers are claiming the course at the moment – with no worries about anyone yelling FORE at them as they amble along. Every cloud has a silver lining for someone I suppose. Anyay, I hope you enjoyed your virtual breath of fresh air, especially if you are unlucky enough to be stuck in a flat.

Balbirnie golf course, Fife

6 thoughts on “Easter Daffodils at Balbirnie, Fife

  1. Thank you, being in a flat means I crave to simply be able to sit in a garden. Windows open and fresh flowers on the sill are not quite the same.
    Hey ho, i will muddle through somehow.

    • Jo,
      Poor you, I don’t think I could survive without a garden – at the best of times. I keep thinking that we’ll all look back on this time with some nostalgia in years to come – but then again – maybe not!

  2. I’d been wondering what would happen to the carefully-manicured greens – even the bunkers might start sprouting weed seedlings at this time of year.
    Initially golf-course staff were not permitted to work, here; but turf in schools and sports facilities is now able to be maintained.
    Beautiful daffodils, very cheering!

    • Valerie,
      It’s amazing how quickly nature begins to take over manicured places, but the maintenance chaps here are still cutting the grass so it’ll still be in fine form when the lockdown is finally over, I don’t think that will be until at least June though.

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