Golf Course Walk

In normal times when we go for a walk locally on Sunday we rarely saw anyone else, but last Sunday we had to veer off the woodland paths as there were so many people on them!

a frozen golf course

We decided the golf course would be a safer option, there were some kids sliding in the bunkers as they are full of ice at the moment, but they were off in the distance, it was good to see them having some fun. The patches of ice in the photos are where the ground was flooded with all the rain we’ve had. The golf course is closed at the moment which seems a bit strange to me as I’m sure it’s very easy for them to play and stay socially distanced.

frozen golf course

The photo below is of a frozen water hazard which claims to be five feet deep and has a life belt by it, just out of shot. That’s some hazard.

frozen golf course

The grass itself was very icy but we managed to stay upright, as usual we weren’t all that keen to go out walking in the cold but felt we needed the exercise, we did feel virtuous when we got home though!

6 thoughts on “Golf Course Walk

  1. Sounds like a bracing walk! Hurray for staying upright with all the ice about! I can hardly believe how green the grass is. Does it not go brown and dormant in the winter?

    • Stefanie,
      No our grass only goes brown in the summer if it’s very dry, but that rarely happens, otherwise it’s green even when it emerges from being under snow for weeks, but that doesn’t happen often. It does seem to grow all year round, but just not as fast as in the summer, so it won’t need to be cut until next month or even early March, if we’re lucky.

    • tracybham,
      It was the possibility of various scenic walks that attracted us to this area, sometimes it is very boggy though so it was easier to walk the parks and pavements of the town we lived in before we moved here and we miss the coastal path that we lived near too, you can’t have everything though.

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