Auckland Castle’s Zurburan paintings

Around about this time last year we travelled to visit friends near Sunderland and one day we travelled to Bishop Auckland to have a look at Castle Auckland, mainly to see the Francisco de Zurburan paintings there – Jacob and his Twelve Sons. You can read about them and see some of them here. Religious art is really not usually my thing but these ones don’t have any of the nastiness that so much religious art has. This was our last trip before the first lockdown.

At the time I thought I had taken photographs of some of the paintings at least, but they somehow weren’t on my camera which is a shame. I particularly admired Zurburan’s ability to paint the details of the sumptuous fabrics that some of the sons wore.

Jack has done a few posts about our trip, he’s much more methodical than I am. If you’re interested you can see them here and here. (He tells me there is another one due tomorrow with a photo of Auckland Tower in its background which I’ll link to when it goes live. As it has now.)

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