A snowy walk in Fife

garden snow 2

Yesterday we woke up to about five inches of snow which had fallen overnight. The first real snow of the winter, prior to that we had only had sprinklings overnight which only lingered on the grass. I had been able to smell snow for a few nights running earlier in the week, but that must have been on its way to England as unusually they got it before we did. Above is a photo of my back garden.

Balbirnie Snow, Scotland

Balbirnie Snow, Fife, Scotland, trees

The walk for the paper was actually easier than it had been as for weeks on end we had had to walk gingerly on grass that was so icy it resembled an ice floe. I can’t honestly say it was cold either.

Balbirnie Snow, Fife

If you look at the right hand side of the photo below you’ll see some kids having a fine time sledging. There’s not much home schooling going on – and who can blame them, it’ll be the first real snow that these kids have seen in their lives probably.

Balbirnie Snow , Fife

Balbirnie Snow, Fife

It’s a strange sort of snow, I’m sure that if we got lots of snow we would have a special word to describe it but I can only say that it’s soft powdery stuff which is very pretty as it looks like individual snow particles are glistening in the sun instead of it all being lumped together and smooth.

Balbirnie, snow, trees

The Balbirnie estate gates are enhanced by snow, it settles on the stonework of the gateposts. It’s a pity there’s a car parked there otherwise it would look white Christmas card-ish.
Balbirnie Gates, snow, Fife

This morning there was even more snow, we now have about nine inches of the stuff!

14 thoughts on “A snowy walk in Fife

  1. Five inches was quite a respectable snowfall to begin with, the further four was a bit unnecessary!
    I hope no damage done to your trees and shrubs with the weight of snow; and no intense frosts, hope it gently thaws away.
    Looks beautiful.

    • Valerie,
      The snow was very soft and light on the evergreens but I did knock most of it off today as it’s getting much colder overnight, if it freezes up there will be damage I think. We’ve already had so many weeks of hard frost that the snow has felt warm in comparison! The snowdrops are weeks behind their normal time for flowering.

    • Stefanie,
      The kids are lucky to have so many good hills around to choose from. There weren’t so many sledgers around today though, I think they might be fed up with the snow already!

  2. that was so thoughtless of that car driver to park just where they would spoil your Christmas card view 🙂
    It does look very pretty but I’m glad we don;t have any here….

    • Bookertalk,
      That’s what I was thinking but to be fair the land where that gateway is has been bought recently and a new house built beside it, but the land has a right of way through it and everyone is determined to keep using it. I’m hoping that the snow goes soon but according to the forecast it’s here for a while. I hope you don’t get it.

  3. Your snow looks so beautiful, so gracefully wrapping trees, meadows, and buildings. We have had many, many small incremental increases in our snow on the ground. Three inches here, five inches there, then another three, and on and on until we have quite a build-up. Beautiful.
    Sandy does not like it when a snowfall covers up animal scents. She becomes quite frustrated when there are very few scents to be had. Sandy is a NOSE dog, pure and simple.

    • Judith,
      Sandy would love it here. I can still smell where a fox has crossed our path recently although we don’t often actually see them. It’s such a pungent smell the snow doesn’t dampen it down. It’s to be -6 celsius overnight here but last night it was -23 C a bit further north of here, so the snow will be hanging around. Some melted off the roofs where the sun reached them but not much.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Snow is rare on the south coast, although not unheard of. It brings a silence to everywhere I always think.

    • Jo,
      When we lived in Essex in 1979-81 we were amazed at the amount of snow we had there, we got snowed in for an entire week and where we grew up in Scotland we didn’t get any snow. Being close to a coast certainly makes a big difference. Snow always seems to muffle everything.

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