Balbirnie Woodland, Fife, Scotland

No matter how lovely a place is, if you walk in it every day it tends to get a wee bit boring, so yesterday we decided to walk through the Balbirnie Woodland for The Guardian, rather than skirting it as we usually do. I decided to take some photos. There’s a burn/stream in the photo below but it has been so dry recently and it’s so low, it’s difficult to spot.

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Back Burn , Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

If you look between the rhododendrons below you should be able to see a cute wee bridge.

Back burn + bridge, Balbirnie, Fife

It was a lovely and unusually calm day, I’m not so keen to walk through so many trees when it’s windy as there are always branches being blown down, or even whole trees!

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

I spotted some people riding horses in the distance and managed to snap them, they were comfortably far away. I’m not so happy when they are just right on your toes and you have to turn aside to let them past. They can be very nervous.

horses, Balbirnie woodland, Fife

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

It’s all quite a contrast to the shaved turf of the golf course which we passed on the way into town. It’s a pity that these places are so artificial and steeped in chemicals to ‘improve’ the grass, but there are some great trees on the course, so it’s not all bad.

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

I hope you enjoyed our walk on the wilder side of Balbirnie estate. It was a bit longer than usual, but a nice change.

6 thoughts on “Balbirnie Woodland, Fife, Scotland

  1. I always prefer what’s natural to what’s been created by people, but both have their own beauty. I hope that as time moves forward, we find other ways to have attractive yards or lawns without the use of chemicals, but I think that kind of change is going to take a long time…at least here in the US…. people love their perfect green lawns!

    • Paula,
      It’s annoying that the least ‘green’ things in the country are probably the very green golf courses of which there are really far too many in Fife, 58 of them I think and nobody has bothered to count the 9 hole courses! Perfect green lawns are an obsession with some men here and I must admit that those striped green lawns do look very attractive.

    • Stefanie,
      Spring is still coming and going so I can’t put any tender plants out yet as we’ll almost certainly get more overnight frosts!

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