Rhododendrons in Balbirnie

Rhododendrons, Balbirnie, Fife

Rhododendrons, Balbirnie Park, Fife

As we’re now allowed to travel out of our immediate locality for the first time in what seemed like a very long time we decided to go to visit some old friends a couple of hundred miles away, very carefully of course and keeping well away from other people. It was lovely just to have a change of scene, but two days away from home seemed like enough for us at the moment.

Rhododendrons, Balbirnie, Fife

Anyway, before we left home I took some photos of the local rhododendrons which are looking really good at the moment. These plants are growing in what was a private estate and would probably have been planted in Victorian times. Some of them have a beautiful scent, which I think is quite rare with rhoddies. But in my own garden it’s the apple blossom that is most attractive at the moment, because of the freezing cold weather we’ve been having it has been flowering for weeks, it remains to be seen if we will actually get any apples from the tree though as it’s to be just above freezing tonight – in the middle of May!

Apple blossom, my garden

6 thoughts on “Rhododendrons in Balbirnie

  1. Growing up I did not like rhododendrons at all and I still don’t love the magenta color that seems to be prevalent in the US. But as a terrible gardener, I have grown to value their reliability!

    The prettiest thing in my garden is some peonies which should bloom soon! Unfortunately, there are so many weeds and I have so little desire to spend my precious time attacking them. I just wish they would disappear.

    • Constance,
      I’m really not keen on the red rhoddies, they seem so glossy and artificial to me, I much prefer the pastel ones but as there are so many growing not far from my garden I decided not to grow any myself. I feel your pain about the weeds. There’s a large wild area just beyond my back fence and it has just about every weed known in the UK growing in it, and they are all determined to move into our garden!

  2. The rhododendrons are gorgeous, as are your apple blossoms.

    My husband would love to be able to walk through an area like the one that the rhododendrons are in. We have a few nice places locally to walk but nothing like the ones you have.

    I discovered that I was not spelling rhododendron correctly.

    • tracybham,
      I always have to think about how to spell it! We are so lucky to have such a lovely place just about on our doorstep, the down side is it’s quite a trek to the nearest shop, in our old place it was just a 5 minute walk to the paper shop.

  3. So glad you can travel to other areas again for a change of scene! It’s rhododendron season here too and I saw one last week in someone’s front garden that is bright blazing orange! I love apple tree blossoms. I hope you get fruit this year in spite of the chilly spring!

    • Stefanie,

      There’s a cracker of an orange one in garden just outside Perth, we had to park the car so I could take a photo of it. It still feels like November here – we live in hope!

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