My garden in Fife, Scotland

Just a couple of days after I did my previous garden post, when I had a bit of a moan about the lack of colour in the garden – things started to flower. The irises below must be happy where they are as they’re multiplying.
Irises, my garden

The Olearia shrub below is an evergreen with tough leaves but at this time of the year it produces very delicate looking daisy-like flowers.
Olearia, evergreen shrub, daisy flowers

The white foxglove planted itself there, as did the fern I think, but if you look closely between the fern fronds there’s a plant with a very delicate blue flower, I can’t remember its name but I bought it at the Logan Botanical Garden in the south of Scotland and it seems to be surviving well. I’ll have to look out its label
Foxgloves, fern, my garden

The London’s Pride below is a nice frothy pink but it doesn’t show up well in the photograph, it is however doing its best to take over the ‘rockery’ area.

London's Pride, my garden

My dad had big daisies in his garden which he called Shasta daisies, and I bought the ones below as a reminder of him and his garden, he started me off in gardening when I was a wee girl. Sadly he’s been dead for 40 years now. I went back to my childhood home a few years ago and walked up the lane which skirted the garden and peered through the hedge, but there was no garden left – only grass and a garden shed. THEY do say that we shouldn’t go back to places!

flowers, my garden

The roses are doing well now, Firecracker below is indeed a cracker although it doesn’t have much in the way of scent, it flowers for a long time so I don’t suppose we can have everything.

Firecracker rose, garden,flowers

Firecracker rose, garden, flowers

8 thoughts on “My garden in Fife, Scotland

  1. Lovely! Those irises are stunning. Our roses have finally bloomed in vast numbers – just in time to be decimated by all the rain down here. Ah well!

    • Sandra,
      The roses I have have stood up fairly well to all our downpours, parts of Edinburgh flooded! I remember I grew the beautiful white rose Madame Alfred Carriere in my old garden and after rain the roses looked like soggy brown paper bags.

  2. Your garden is looking lovely! I really do like when plants plant themselves! What a wonderful memorial of your dad. My mom had shasta daisies in her flower garden when I was a kid but in southern California they grew like weeds and at one point she tore them all out and replaced them with more well behaved calla lilies.

    • Stefanie,
      I was the only one of their five kids that got my dad’s gardening genes. We have a lot of wild flowers that are like smaller versions of the shasta daisies and they can get out of hand if I’m not careful. I did grow one calla lily but it didn’t survive our winter.

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