Balbirnie autumn walk part 2

I took a lot of photos on my autumnal Balbirnie walk a couple of weeks ago. I thought you might be interested to see some more of the area – so here they are.

autumnal trees, Balbirnie, Fife

tree, moss, Balbirnie, Fife

autumnal Trees, Balbirnie, Fife

The allotments are sheltered by a tall wall and backed by a lovely band of trees as you can see.

Balbirnie allotments gates, trees, Fife

So far the weather has been so mild, the birds just aren’t interested in eating the berries, so we get to enjoy them longer.

Berries, Balbirnie, Fife

Balbirnie Trees, burn, Fife

Balbirnie, Burn, Fife, trees

Balbirnie Burn, Fife, trees

How do you feel about leaf-blowers? At this time of the year they’re in use regularly around the grounds of the local big hotel which is near this woodland. Those ear-splitting contraptions must be just about the most useless tools ever invented, especially when the leaves are just blasted off the grass and left at the edge. One gust of wind and they’re all back on the grass again, and the really annoying thing is that about four strokes with a garden rake would do the job faster and silently, and obviously they should be gathered up into a wheelbarrow to make leaf-mould. With the man actually in control of the leaf-blower wearing ear defenders, the rest of us just have to put up with the racket! Yes I feel grumpy!

4 thoughts on “Balbirnie autumn walk part 2

  1. Oh, you mean those aurally irritating mulch movers from here to there. Also known as petrol driven mechanical brooms to encourage job creation for (mainly) guys who love machines, but who would otherwise distain handling something more useful such as a stick with bristles on the end. Ironic isn’t it that a broom is replaced by a carbon fuel driven contraption in such places as NTS grounds. While they do have a place in grounds maintenance, eg getting small pine needles out of otherwise pristine pebble gravel, they are rarely suitably used. A lot of noise is indicative of “work” being done, Here is the challenge : next time you see one in action, see if it is being actually beneficial or just creating a temporary illusion of tidiness.
    Now who wants one for Christmas?
    [Shared grumble]

    • Jeremy,
      Well all of the leaves that had been blown off the grass and under the trees were now back on the grass this morning where they were to begin with, so it’s a complete waste of time – and energy. But a particular kind of man loves nothing more than a noisy machine, I hate those power washer things too and so many of my male neighbours use them – boys toys!

  2. Love the moss covered tree!

    Leaf blowers are a menace! They are loud and polluting and I absolutely hate them. California recently passed a law banning gas-powered leaf blowers. Assuming electric ones are quieter, I wish Minnesota would pass a law like that. Or better yet, just ban them completely. They are no more efficient than a good rake.

    • Stefanie,
      That moss covered tree looked a lot better in reality, it was glowing in the sunshine.

      You can’t beat a rake and a wheelbarrow! I think the leaf blowers used around here are mainly electric battery powered and they are definitely too loud. I wish they would ban them and the power washers too which use gallons of water to shift a wee bit of moss from the driveway. I sometimes wish we were on water meters – that would stop home owners wasting water like that!

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