My Garden in Fife – 10th of March

I’m so behind things blogpost wise that so many I had planned just don’t seem relevant any more, but I decided to show the photos that I took of my garden back on the 10th of March when I was so pleased that at last there was some colour in the garden. I can now hardly believe that it’s the 1st of May today, so the garden is looking quite different now, but the photos are a good record for me to compare the various years in my garden.


miniature daffodils, my garden

holly, my garden

Quince, my garden

snowdrops, my garden

Who doesn’t love pansies?

pansies, my garden

I’m happy to say that all of the primulas in my garden are self-seeding.

primula, my garden

Below is a Viburnum, just before the flowers open. I have at least three of these shrubs in my garden, I love it and so do the birds as in the autumn it has blueish purple berries which they obviously find very tasty as the garden slabs get stained with their purple droppings!

viburnum, my garden

my garden

The garden is looking quite different now, during the last few weeks I’ve been taking photographs of the fruit blossom. Sadly some of the shrubs have been blasted by frost since then, you have to be ever hopeful and optimistic to be a gardener in Fife!

6 thoughts on “My Garden in Fife – 10th of March

  1. Everything looks lovely in your garden. I am glad you shared those photos from March. I do love the pansies and the primulas especially.

    • tracybham,
      The great thing about the primulas is that they seem to like the soil here and self-seed, I love getting plants for free!

  2. So lovely Katrina! It’s been such a cold, dreary and wet spring here, my scilla just bloomed over the weekend, the crocus are considering it, and the tulips will be another 2 weeks. We are set to have one of those springs where we go from cold to hot and vault right past the pleasant in between time. sigh.

    • Stefanie,
      We had a lovely warmish week in early March, then galloped back into winter. Now it feels like November and has rained for the past few days, well it was a holiday weekend and it always rains then! We did need the rain though.

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