The Night Watch by Rembrandt

We’ve been to the Netherlands quite a lot as I have a brother who has lived there for decades, but we had never been to Amsterdam and Jack and I were both fed up having to tell people we hadn’t been there as it seems that that is the only place people visit in NL. So we rectified that a few weeks ago and took the train to Amsterdam from Friesland, a two and a half hour journey. We were heading for The Rijksmuseum, around a 30 minute walk from the railway station, everybody else seemed to be a tourist too!

We wanted to see everything at the museum and we DID see everything, but we especially wanted to see Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, and look what we saw when we got there!

Rembrandt's Night Watch, Rijksmuseum

At the moment most of the very large painting is covered with machinery and gadgets which are apparently measuring the vibrations of the canvas. It’s thought that tiny vibrations in the atmosphere are damaging it.

It’s just typical – when we went to see Chatsworth part of it was covered with scaffolding, see the photo below.

Chatsworth House

The famous bridge at Ironbridge was likewise obscured the first time we went there.

Iron Bridge at Ironbridge

And of course when we sailed to the Bay of Biscay it was an absolute flat calm when it’s well known for being rough, something that I was looking forward to. I’m strange that way, I don’t like fairground attractions, just looking at them makes me feel sick but I’m never sea-sick.

6 thoughts on “The Night Watch by Rembrandt

  1. Oh, blast. I hope you get to see the Rembrandt another time. It is spectacular. I’ve also seen Ironbridge and Chatsworth without scaffolding and now I feel privileged!
    I wanted to thank you for reviewing Alison Weir’s book Queens of the Age of Chivalry. I got it and am now very much enjoying it. Have to get my hands on her earlier medieval queen series books too.

    • Saila,
      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Queens of the Age of Chivalry, I like her fiction and non-fiction writing. I’m not sure if we’ll ever go back to Amsterdam as it’s a fair trek from where my brother lives, but I saw so many other treasures there, it was well worth going.

  2. Ha, you reminded me of when our Canadian relations came over and we took them to Paris, only to discover it was a few months before their Bicentennial celebrations and every building was covered in scaffolding while they cleaned them all!

    • FictionFan,
      Oh, that’s much worse, they must have been so disappointed. We’re now frustrated by the lack of reliable ferries to visit Scottish islands!

  3. Have you seen the Night Watch video on You Tube, produced to celebrate the re-opening of the museum? Search for Onze helden zijn terug! Absolutely brilliant.

    • Michelle Ann,
      Thanks for that information, it is brilliant. I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it.

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