Leens, Burg near Groningen, Netherlands

Leens Burg , Netherlands

Leens Burg, Netherlands

I’m looking back to early June when we were visiting my brother in the Netherlands.  On a really hot day we visited Leens Burg. It’s a rather grand manor house, which belonged to the people who owned the farmland in the area. It’s now open to the public and it’s a lovely day out although when we were there the cafe was closed for some reason. That was a bit of a shame as we had planned to have lunch there.

As you can see the house has a moat, it reminded me of the previous house we had visited in Norfolk, it even has the same kind of tiles on the roof, but it isn’t nearly as old as  Oxburgh was. There are a lot of similarities between Norfolk and the Netherlands countryside and architecture wise.

Leens Burg ,Netherlands

Leens is run mainly by volunteers, whoever does the gardening does a great job anyway.

Topiary, Leens, Netherlands

I took a lot more photographs of the interior, below is the sitting room which is a mixture of very grand and quite cottagey and homely.  I think the original owner would have been called a gentleman farmer. As you can see the ceiling is just wooden boards, whereas in the UK a house like this would have very ornate plaster ceilings. It’s still lovely though.  I’ll blog about the rest of the interior soon.

Leens, Burg, Netherlands,sitting room 2

You can see more images of Leens here.

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