Dorothy Paul – a Scottish comedienne

I was looking on You Tube for a particular clip of The Glaswegian comedienne Dorothy Paul, but sadly it doesn’t seem to exist. It was something which she said about bad hair styles, to the effect that a bad perm meant house arrest for 3 months because you couldn’t go out in public until it had grown out. It was Peggy Ann’s comment on a dodgy hairdo which had her crying for ages which set me off thinking about Dorothy Paul.

I think we’ve all probably been the victims of bad hairdressers in the past, in fact that’s why I avoided going to a salon for about 30 years, it is safer to hack at it myself!

In the 1970s for some unaccountable reason I got my hair permed for the first and only time. Unfortunately the woman who should have done it had to take her child to an emergency dental appointment, you see how all of the details are seared into my memory! The upshot was that my poor locks were assaulted by a junior who was obviously clueless and I left the salon about four hours later with the most hideous bubble hairdo and stinking of perm solution. My hair felt like cotton wool and worst of all she had even permed my fringe (I think that’s ‘bangs’ in the US). Anyway I looked like something which had escaped from a mental institution and I had to go straight to work in the library like that as my shift was 1 p.m. until 8 p.m.

When I eventually got home I washed my hair about half a dozen times in an attempt to get it back to normal, or at least get rid of the smell. I managed to make it look a bit better but it felt like cotton wool for ages afterwards, is that normal with a perm? Anyway, I learned my lesson the hard way, no more perms!

I did find a Dorothy Paul clip which does mention a haircut, I think I’ve had some of this clip on here before but I thought it might be of interest to some people. In this clip which was filmed at a Glasgow theatre, Dorothy Paul is in character as a theatre cleaner. I wonder if non Scots can understand it all?! We actually saw the whole show when it toured the provinces years ago. She’s really very funny.

I once went into a salon with my hair about waist length, intending to have a couple of inches trimmed off the ends. At that time some kids in the library called me ‘the lady with the golden hair’. The hairdresser raved about my ‘beautiful’ hair – then trimmed it all off up to my ears!

Have you been assaulted by a hairdresser?

New Carpet

carpet and  boots

I had wanted to do a before and after photo of the dining-room but it wasn’t to be. So here’s a photo of the new carpet which as you can see is a sort of oatmeal colour and has a slightly textured pattern on it which you can’t really see here. The carpet fitter was absolutely brilliant at his job – how often can you say that – and I’m really pleased with it especially as it won’t show up the crumbs so much! The old carpet was charcoal grey, a big mistake as it showed up every speck.

The boots are new too, I bought them when we were in England recently. My legs are normally covered up, this is a rare outing for them. My Dad always commented that he didn’t know I had legs whenever they got an airing! I’m not a shoe person at all, in fact I view shoes as objects of torture because I’m always bleeding from my heels and blistered so I tend to avoid them and wear clogs and flat boots all the time and then my feet are fine. I couldn’t walk in high heels to save my life. As a kid I dreaded the start of the new school term and new shoes. Those Clarks shoes were agony, I might as well have worn biscuit tins!

I haven’t been able to blog or visit blogs much for the last few days as I’ve been doing so much running around and trying to finish off things in the house before everyone gets here. So tomorrow I just have to bake the birthday boy’s cake and make the birthday meal – and then it’s Christmas! I hope your Christmas plans are on schedule.

I usually do a wee Winter Solstice blogpost, but not this year as I was so busy. The 21st here was indeed the darkest most dismal day and I could’ve been doing with a party then to cheer me up . It was one of those days when you needed a lamp on all the time – positively dreich. I’m so looking forward to having more light soon.

In Scotland we’re being encouraged to dose ourselves up with vitamin D, the easiest way is to take cod liver oil (yeugh). Apparently it’s the lack of sunlight here which gives us the highest rates of MS in the world. I’m going to be making my way to the health food shop soon and on that cheery note – cheerio.

If you’re in need of a bit of a laugh at the moment, give yourself a treat and watch good old Dick Emery. If I wore high heels I would walk like the ‘charming young lady’!

The House of Eliott/Idiot – by French and Saunders

I’ve been able to watch some of The House of Eliott re-runs which are being shown at the moment and although I’m really enjoying them because I love all the vintage frocks and accessories, apart from anything else, they also reminded me of the French and Saunders spoofs. If you want a bit of a laugh have a look. Mind you I seem to remember one which was even funnier but I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m wondering why Saunders does a Scottish accent for this because I don’t think that Stella Gonet has one in The House of Eliott, although she is Scottish – or is it just that I can’t hear it!

Winter weather

I hate the cold weather and it has been below freezing all day today. Tomorrow it is going to be -6c and it’s getting beyond a joke. The snow is just piled up everywhere and each morning we just wake up to even more of the horrible stuff.

We haven’t been able to get to our relatives to give them their Christmas presents either so Christmas is going to be delayed this year, until the roads are safe to drive on again.

Winter has come, the snow has fell,
Wee Josie’s nose is froze as well,
Wee Josie’s nose is frozen skintit,
Winter’s diabolic – intit!

I thought that I would inflict a terrible piece of Scottish doggerel poetry on you, just in case you weren’t feeling bad enough!