Holmwood House, Glasgow

I thought I had already done a post on Holmwood House in Glasgow, but it seems I haven’t, I must have just written it in my head but got no further than that! Anyway …

Holmwood House

Holmwood House

The large circular window is the drawing room, where the very ornate ceiling in my last post is located.
Holmwood House

Holmwood House was designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. He was heavily influenced by Greek architecture hence his name. Sadly there aren’t that many of his buildings still standing, over the years lots have been demolished for various reasons including neglect to the point of them nearly falling down.

Holmwood must have been a fairly comfortable family home in its day, it only has four bedrooms so despite its grand appearance it should have been fairly easy to deal with from a housekeeping point of view. Presumably they had a butler though as there is a butler’s pantry. At some point there was a fire in this room so the wall tiles aren’t original but they look like they must have been put up around the 1930s to me, I really like the design, it’s very fresh looking, almost art deco although the top border is pure Victorian, acanthus leaves.
Butler's pantry tiling

The gates also have an acanthus leaves design on them, as well as that sort of pared down Greek key design which also features on the stonework of the house.
Holmwood House Gates

The photos below are of the vegetable garden, with the coach house in the background. It has some of the same architectural details of the main house. You might be able to see that there are puddles in the garden, that’s how bad our summer was!
Holmwood House Garden

Holmwood House Garden

Holmwood House – Glasgow

Last month we visited Holmwood House in Glasgow which is an Arts and Crafts property owned by the National Trust. It was designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. It isn’t a massive house, just four bedrooms and over the years has been owned by various people, before the National Trust took it over a Roman Catholic convent inhabited it and they made some strange changes to some rooms, including installing ‘confessionals’ in the dining room! The National Trust is slowly putting the place back to how it looked in its glory days.

The hall walls have just recently been refurbished, all hand painted by four men apparently, I don’t know how they had the patience for that!

Holmwood in Glasgow

There are various designs of floor tiles that have withstood the years well.

Victorian Hallway floor tiling

There had been a private school in residence at one point and had damaged the lovely wooden flooring, all part of the building’s history now I suppose.

Upstairs room wooden floor

I’ve never seen a ceiling like the very ornate one on the oriel window of the drawing room below. It was designed so that the blinds and curtains are recessed behind it so you can’t see the top of them, very posh!

Drawing room Holmwood Glasgow
A close up of the window recess ceiling.
ceiling Drawing room , Holmwood

The colour scheme in the drawing room is certainly vibrant.
Holmwood Drawing room

I have no idea why there’s a hallstand in the drawing room. Holmwood is still a work in progress.
Drawing room , Holmwood, Glasgow

The ceiling ‘rose’ in the midle of the drawing room ceiling is quite unusual, the actual ceiling is marbled, a paint effect I think. At first glance I thought they had had some water damage but phew, it’s meant to look like that.

Holmwood Drawing room  ceiling

I have quite a few more photos but that’ll do for now. I thought I’d already done a post about the outside of the house but apparently not.