Weir’s Way

Tom Weir, climber, writer and broadcaster was a bit of a local hero when I was growing up as he lived in a village not far from Dumbarton. There are loads of films on You Tube of Tom, mainly bits from the Weir’s Way programmes which were so popular on Scottish TV in the 1970s. If you fancy a bit of armchair travelling this is a good way to do it.

Since Tom’s death a few years ago folks have been gathering money to erect a statue of Tom and it seems that the target has almost been reached, so he’ll be visible on his beloved hills yet again.

Below is a film of the Tillicoultry area and Loch Leven, places well known to me.

There’s a film about Dumbarton Rock below, Dumbarton is the town which I grew up in. It’s an old film and the place has changed quite a lot since then. For one thing the big red brick building which is belching out steam is long gone. It was the Ballantine’s whisky distillery.

And in the interest of balance there’s a short film about the east coast village of Anstruther in Fife.


There are Tom Weir films of just about anywhere in Scotland you can name, accessible on You Tube.

Anstruther, Fife, Scotland

Small boats

As I was saying earlier: It was a dark and stormy night – in St Andrews, and the streets emptied fairly quickly when it got dark. So when it was time for us to make for home we decided to go via Anstruther. It always seems quite dangerous to me that the sea is right by the main street. Especially when there are pubs there and inebriated people are likely to be wandering around in the dark. But it’s the same in all of these coastal places.

Small boats

The sea was quite wild but the wee boats were safe in the harbour. The noise was incredible though what with the wind itself and then the hissing noises it made in all the boats’ lanyards and ropes. Lots of clankings too, there must be metal things hanging from the boats.

Here I am having a hard time staying on my feet, what a grimace! The red light behind me is the harbour entrance and beyond that there was just complete darkness which I find very weird looking. I’m used to seeing huge tankers and naval ships out in the River Forth, just before it runs in to the North Sea. The ships are always lit up like Christmas trees but at Anstruther there seemed to be nothing between us and Denmark!

Katrina in a gale

This is what we were in Anstruther for – fish and chips. It may not look the most appetising thing to eat but believe me, they were really tasty. The only thing which isn’t so good is that nowadays they don’t come wrapped in greaseproof paper with two or three pages of a tabloid newspaper over it. So there is nothing crazy to read whilst you’re eating. Shame – it was the only time I ever saw what nonsense the tabloids were printing!

fish supper

This is the chippy which we got them from. It isn’t the one which everyone raves about and Prince Charles and Camilla have even used. We tried that one once and weren’t too impressed by it and we had to stand in a queue – I’m not kidding you – for about an hour! The Wee Chippy is on the left hand side of the main street facing the sea and it has been endorsed by the Guardian amongst others. The queue wasn’t too bad either.

The Wee Chippy

The only downside is that the car still smells of fish and chips – five days later!