Weir’s Way

Tom Weir, climber, writer and broadcaster was a bit of a local hero when I was growing up as he lived in a village not far from Dumbarton. There are loads of films on You Tube of Tom, mainly bits from the Weir’s Way programmes which were so popular on Scottish TV in the 1970s. If you fancy a bit of armchair travelling this is a good way to do it.

Since Tom’s death a few years ago folks have been gathering money to erect a statue of Tom and it seems that the target has almost been reached, so he’ll be visible on his beloved hills yet again.

Below is a film of the Tillicoultry area and Loch Leven, places well known to me.

There’s a film about Dumbarton Rock below, Dumbarton is the town which I grew up in. It’s an old film and the place has changed quite a lot since then. For one thing the big red brick building which is belching out steam is long gone. It was the Ballantine’s whisky distillery.

And in the interest of balance there’s a short film about the east coast village of Anstruther in Fife.


There are Tom Weir films of just about anywhere in Scotland you can name, accessible on You Tube.

Tillicoultry Cherry Blossom

We paid a visit to the wee town of Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire the other day, we were really having a snoop around to see if we might like to move there when my husband takes early retirement next year. Sadly, although there are really lovely hills there which are just begging to be hiked up the town itself is fairly dire. Mind you I suppose it’s no different from lots of small towns nowadays. Various recessions, the internet and out of town retail parks have taken their toll and there’s virtually nothing left of the High Street. But as you can see, there is some lovely cherry blossom out at the moment, and a great wee burn which used to power five mills. I used to spend a lot of time playing in a burn like this when I was wee, it was a favourite summer pastime for kids in my day, damming them up and making stepping stones, but you never see anyone playing in burns nowadays.

Tillicoultry burn + cherry trees

Tillicoultry burn

This cherry tree is right outside Gordon’s living-room window in Alloa, it’s gorgeous, it’s just a pity that the blossom doesn’t last very long.

Cherry trees, Alloa

This is one of the many sculptures which decorate the roundabouts in Clackmannanshire. They seem to have given one local sculptor loads of commissions – lucky him! I do like his work but they have given others a chance to shine too. Apparently this one is called Journey’s End. You can see more of Andy Scott’s work (and various other artists’) by following the links here.

Alloa Sculpture 1 close up