The Making of a Garden continued

Just a quick wee update on my garden, below is the newly levelled bench/pergola. As you can see we’ve now got it standing on slabs and have added slate around them, after planting honeysuckle behind the bench and a clematis plant at either side. It should look good when they all start to grow over it, I’ve planted small plants like sedums and teeny violas in between the slate to brighten it up.

pergola /bench

Below is a close up of the corner to the left of the bench, the apples on the tree are growing well, I was a bit alarmed when loads of wee apples fell off a few weeks ago but apparently that is a natural self thinning process and should lead to fewer but bigger apples. I’ve planted dianthus, fuchsias, dogwood, lobelia, primula and various other things there too.

apple tree

Below is a raised vegetable box which was the only other thing in the garden when we moved here, apart from grass and the apple tree. It only had some scruffy looking strawberry plants in it, but I pepped it up, added a rosemary bush in the middle, a lot of shallots which are growing well, sowed parsnip seeds and Swiss chard too. Sadly the strawberries turned out to be the alpine ones and I had managed to bring a few of my old alpine strawberries with me from the old garden. Next year I’ll replace these ones with a big luscious variety. I’m not too keen on the wood surrounding this box so I’ve planted boxwood cuttings which I managed to bring with me. They should grow and cover the wood soon. I always have a few pots full of cuttings as I couldn’t resist bunging them into compost whenever I trimmed my box hedge which of course had to be left at the old garden.

veg box orig

Below is a photo of the veg box which Jack made recently. In the middle I’ve planted a tricolour sage plant, I have sown beetroot in a cross shape and added more shallots. The rest of the space has been sown with salad greens such as lamb’s lettuce and rocket and herbs like parsley and borage. I’ve used stones to separate the different plantings. Salad greens are so expensive at the supermarkets and they grow so easily so it’s a real saving if you have the space to grow them, and even if you don’t have a garden it’s worthwhile growing them in a tub or window box.
a veg box

Autumn garden

My garden has been neglected recently what with all the stuff that I’ve been doing inside the house, and despite the fact that it was a lovely day today I still couldn’t get down to some sprucing up because I had to wait in for someone who didn’t turn up. You know what it’s like, your frightened to go to the loo because that’s exactly when the doorbell will ring, but it never did! Grrr!

Anyway, this is my apple tree and although it’s over 30 years old it doesn’t get any taller than about 7 or 8 feet. I haven’t a clue what variety they are as it was planted by the previous gardener. Scotland isn’t a great place for growing apples, I don’t think the growing season is long enough but I usually get enough for a few apple pies from the tree.

Cooking apples

My lovely Liquidamber tree is rapidly changing to its autumnal colours, it was all bright green just last week. This tree is very slow growing and is ideal for a small garden. I got this one from the shop at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

Liquidamber tree

These are some of the autumn crocuses in my garden, I really like them but I’m not so keen on them in the early summer when the thick leaves come up on their own and take up quite a lot of space.

Autumn crocus

I’m not supposed to be buying any more plants for my garden because if everything goes to plan I’ll be planning a new garden soonish, or revamping an old one when we downsize, but I couldn’t resist these ones. The Fuchsia is called Voodoo and is very dark purple in reality, nearly black. I’ve been looking for heuchera ‘Pewter Moon’ for ages but I haven’t been able to find it. I was tempted by this one though, unfortunately I can’t remember its name. I think I’ll take the fuchsia into the house soon but I’ll plant the heuchera as it’ll be easily dug up when the time comes.

At the moment they’re sitting outside on the kitchen window sill. Maybe I’ll be able to get into the garden tomorrow – if it doesn’t rain. We don’t seem to be getting two days the same together this year so you can’t really plan anything.

Fuchsia Voodoo and Heuchera

I’ve just realised that I’m in that last photo, well my reflection is.