Autumn garden in Fife

Ceanothus, fuchsia

We’re well into autumn now but there’s still quite a bit of colour and blossom in my garden. The ceanothus has just decided to flower for the second time and the fuchsia Ricartonii has been very late, the frost will probably get them soon.

berry tree, my garden

The mystery berry tree  (possibly a cotoneaster) is very bright but I’m cutting it back to make it a bush rather than a tree as there are too many trees growing out of hand in my garden.

The dogwood (cornus) leaves are just about to drop, but they’re also contributing to the colour in my autumn garden.
heather, dogwood, my garden

autumn garden

Spring or autumn – the acers are my favourites.

autumn acer

acer, lemon scented conifer

autumn garden

There are still a few roses around, and the geranium leaves die off so cheerily.

rose, autumn garden

acers, garden

I bought some marigolds in early summer, different varieties and the one below has been great so I’m saving seeds from it to grow next summer. It’s in an old chimney pot.

marigold, garden

It was a damp day when I took the photo below, from the guest bedroom window.


The smirry rain (very fine like low cloud almost) gives a hazy effect but I hope you can see some of the autumn colour in the trees.

autumn garden

It has been remarkably windless recently which is strange for this area and will no doubt account for the days and days of rain that we’ve had, but I suspect that the leaves won’t be hanging on for much longer now.

My autumn garden – 29th of October

The leaves that are still on trees have been raining down on us over the past few days, the frost has left them unable to cling on any longer, but these photos are of my garden as it was on the 29th of October when the acers were at their most vibrant. A last loud hurrah before they have a rest.


acers , physocarpus, viburnum, liquidambar

Below is a much smaller acer, a pieris and a conical evergreen which I love but can’t remember what it’s called, I’m really not very good with all those conifers. The blue/green one in the foreground is a creeping juniper I think.


The mystery tree below which I bought for all of two quid at Hill House of Tarvit plant sale a few years ago is great – but still a mystery. It has lovely glossy berries and its leaves look a bit cotoneaster-ish, but it’s definitely a tree not a shrub. The heather has been looking a bit scruffy until now, it is great for autumn colour though.

mystery tree, my garden

The bright yellow-ish conifers in the background are those ones that you can buy from supermarkets for about £1 when they’re just a foot or so tall. These ones are now five years old and although they were all the same size when I planted them two of them have had to be cut back because of frost or perhaps wind burn damage, but they’re still growing well and they have a lovely lemony scent when you brush against them.


Well, it was nice for me to be able to remind myself what the garden looked like just a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed it too.

My October Garden

I ran around the garden taking these photos before the autumn winds strip the place bare of leaf colour. I think that my garden is often more colourful in October than it is during that August lull when the best flowers seem to have exhausted themslves. You can see viburnum berries, some leaves of my liquidambar tree (for years I misspelled that) and a red/purple physocarpus.

Autumn garden

A young silver birch and pink sedum

Autumn garden

The mystery berry tree, which might be some sort of service tree with a few rudbekia flowers and rhus leaves in the background.

Autumn garden

Lilac mallow flowers and what I think is a blue cyprus, I’ll need to look up its label.

Autumn garden

The osteospermums and lobelia still going strong in an old chimney pot. They’ve flowered since early summer and the frost hasn’t got them yet. The acer you can see is in a planter, mainly because I can’t find a space to plant it out in the garden. I hope it survives.

Autumn garden

The Christmas tree has grown a lot in the last few years.

Autumn garden

Autumn Garden in Fife, Scotland

I took the photo below in late September and I was quite impressed by how much colour there was in the garden, it was all looking quite ruby-ish with the Acers turning to almost the same shade as the lupins.



I aim to pack as many plants into the garden as possible, partly to make it less likely to be overtaken by weeds, but mainly because I just love plants and the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.
The Liatris in the photo below have only just stopped flowering, despite the fact we’re now in November, they’re well worth growing as they’ve been flowering for months.


Below is a right mishmash of lupins, gardeners’ garters (the grassy one) blue geranium, pyracantha, vinca, astilbe, ferns, hosta, skimmia and a conifer. It could be quite congested in there soon!


And below is the garden as seen from the guest bedroom window. It’s actually a bit different now as I’ve been cutting ino the grass again, a necessity after visiting Hill of Tarvit House plant sale recently.

As you can imagine, the trees in the background look a wee bit different now that we’re in November, this photo was taken about four weeks ago so the trees are less leafy although they’re certainly not bare yet. We’ve been having great weather this Autumn which has gone some way to making up for the dreadful summer we suffered. But of course people are beginning to say – We’ll pay for this in the winter!! I’ve got to the stage in life where I can’t be bothered with all that Presbyterian negativity – just enjoy things and expect a mild winter, you never know – it might come true!


If you want a laugh have a look at the video I took of the garden this time last year, on the spur of the moment and whilst the garden was being buffeted by Hurricane Gonzalo. I swithered about putting it on You Tube because it was my first go at a video and it’s really terrible. I hadn’t thought beforehand what I might say, but it does give a vague idea of my garden, although it has changed quite a bit since then. At the end of it I mention my plans to have a pond in it but that has gone completely out of the window as I decided it was going to be a haven for midges and we had thousands of them descend on us one day last month – with virtually no water in the garden, so I don’t want to encourage any more visitations.

Autumn garden

My garden has been neglected recently what with all the stuff that I’ve been doing inside the house, and despite the fact that it was a lovely day today I still couldn’t get down to some sprucing up because I had to wait in for someone who didn’t turn up. You know what it’s like, your frightened to go to the loo because that’s exactly when the doorbell will ring, but it never did! Grrr!

Anyway, this is my apple tree and although it’s over 30 years old it doesn’t get any taller than about 7 or 8 feet. I haven’t a clue what variety they are as it was planted by the previous gardener. Scotland isn’t a great place for growing apples, I don’t think the growing season is long enough but I usually get enough for a few apple pies from the tree.

Cooking apples

My lovely Liquidamber tree is rapidly changing to its autumnal colours, it was all bright green just last week. This tree is very slow growing and is ideal for a small garden. I got this one from the shop at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

Liquidamber tree

These are some of the autumn crocuses in my garden, I really like them but I’m not so keen on them in the early summer when the thick leaves come up on their own and take up quite a lot of space.

Autumn crocus

I’m not supposed to be buying any more plants for my garden because if everything goes to plan I’ll be planning a new garden soonish, or revamping an old one when we downsize, but I couldn’t resist these ones. The Fuchsia is called Voodoo and is very dark purple in reality, nearly black. I’ve been looking for heuchera ‘Pewter Moon’ for ages but I haven’t been able to find it. I was tempted by this one though, unfortunately I can’t remember its name. I think I’ll take the fuchsia into the house soon but I’ll plant the heuchera as it’ll be easily dug up when the time comes.

At the moment they’re sitting outside on the kitchen window sill. Maybe I’ll be able to get into the garden tomorrow – if it doesn’t rain. We don’t seem to be getting two days the same together this year so you can’t really plan anything.

Fuchsia Voodoo and Heuchera

I’ve just realised that I’m in that last photo, well my reflection is.