Ta-Dah! A new old gatepost.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nobody around today who can do what the Victorians did, because they can, as you can see from the new red sandstone gatepost which has appeared at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy. The stonemason deserves praise, he or she has made a great job of it, or maybe it was a joint effort.

park gates complete

It’s a perfect copy of the original which was smashed to bits by a lorry last year. The only thing is it’s going to be a while before it weathers down to look like the originals. One of our normal winters will help the stone along the way and it’ll probably turn greenish fairly soon. But as you can see the beautiful details are so crisp when compared with the Victorian ones which are quite badly worn. Oh well, you can’t have everything I suppose.

Beveridge park gates complete 2

But it would be great if we could eventually have replacement gates too, I can’t see it ever happening though. But if you know the park and you aren’t old enough to have been around the area before World War 2, (no, I’m not that old!) the postcard below will give you an idea of what they looked like.

Beveridge Park Gates, Kirkcaldy

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife

It’s well over a year since one of the big red sandstone gateposts at Beveridge Park was demolished by a trailer belonging to a Bulgarian circus which some silly person in the council gave permission to set up in the park. It looked like it was never going to be repaired or replaced and I previously did a blog post on it, hoping to shame someone into action. You can see that post here.

Here’s the photo I took last year.

Beveridge Park Gates 2012

Anyway, I’m taking absolutely no credit for it but just a week after I posted about it, I saw a stonemason’s van parked at the gates. It looked like someone was being given the job of at least doing a survey on the work required.

And over the last couple of weeks the work has been completed. Hallelujah! The photo below is of the gatepost under construction.

Beveridge Park gates

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy is one of those lovely old parks which sprang up at the back end of the 19th century. The postcard below shows the lovely old gate posts and gates as they were originally. Sadly they’ve gone from bad to worse in recent years. In common with most parks and homes the gates and railings disappeared sometime during World War II. They were removed as part of the war effort, the metal was supposed to be needed for war work – building ships or aeroplanes and the like.

Beveridge Park Gates, Kirkcaldy

Of course it was just a propaganda con to make the British people feel that they were contributing and helping Britain fight the Nazi terror. The metalwork just rusted away in dumps as it wasn’t the correct sort of metal. I’m annoyed about that because it would cost about £3,000 to replace ours!

I’m even more annoyed about the state of the gates now. I took the photo below just a couple of weeks ago and as you can see one of the lovely old red sandstone gateposts has gone. Apparently it was demolished by the back end of a circus trailer as it went through the gateway. That was over a year ago and absolutely nothing has happened since then.

Beveridge Park Gates 2012

I know it can take a long time for insurance claims to be settled but over a year seems just too long. Has there been a problem with the insurance, was the circus vehicle insured, who was stupid enough to allow a circus to set up business in the park? I think we should be told.

The entrance to the park is a pitiful sight when compared with how it used to look. New gates should have been commissioned for the centenary celebrations, it would be nice to think that the powers that be might think about doing it now or when they eventually get around to rebuilding the gatepost – if they ever do!

The Kirkcaldy Council should sort out the park gateway, instead of spending bucketloads of money on things like speed bumps which are completely useless, their only function seems to be to give work to the local car repair workshops as the bumps wreck the sills of some cars, no matter how they go across them, no matter how careful they are.