Ta-Dah! A new old gatepost.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nobody around today who can do what the Victorians did, because they can, as you can see from the new red sandstone gatepost which has appeared at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy. The stonemason deserves praise, he or she has made a great job of it, or maybe it was a joint effort.

park gates complete

It’s a perfect copy of the original which was smashed to bits by a lorry last year. The only thing is it’s going to be a while before it weathers down to look like the originals. One of our normal winters will help the stone along the way and it’ll probably turn greenish fairly soon. But as you can see the beautiful details are so crisp when compared with the Victorian ones which are quite badly worn. Oh well, you can’t have everything I suppose.

Beveridge park gates complete 2

But it would be great if we could eventually have replacement gates too, I can’t see it ever happening though. But if you know the park and you aren’t old enough to have been around the area before World War 2, (no, I’m not that old!) the postcard below will give you an idea of what they looked like.

Beveridge Park Gates, Kirkcaldy

6 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! A new old gatepost.

  1. You’re right – those masons did a wonderful job! It’s nice to know there are at least a few artisans left.

    • Joan,
      You can watch stonemasons work in cathedrals here, they’re constantly renewing the stone in places like York Minster, I was surprised to see some young women chiselling away there. I’m surprised that there was a local person able to do the work though.

  2. An excellent job. At least they did not ignore it and put up something silly, with orange cones and tape cos of ‘elf & safety!

    • Jo,
      I wish ‘elf and safety hadn’t allowed a circus to set up in the park, then they couldn’t have knocked down the gatepost with a trailer! I bet they don’t learn, and allow it to happen again.

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