Yet more books

This bookcase is known as ‘your Dad’s’ bookcase as it belonged to Jack’s parents. The books are a mixture of old ones I bought and some from the previous generations, some are school prizes from as far back as 1905.

Katrina's Books

There are a lot of old favourites here.

Katrina's Books

My Folio books

Folio Books

Well, a couple of Gore Vidal books sneaked onto this shelf which is in a bookcase which originally stood in an Edinburgh solicitors office. Mainly though it houses Folio books, which are a gorgeous indulgence.

Folio Books

More of my bookshelves

Continuing a wee keek at some of my bookshelves.

I realised that this shelf which is in the sun room contains a couple of Rumer Goddens, but the rest are upstairs. When we moved house I swore I would sort out all my books alphabetically, but it isn’t happening, mainly because I have so many of them that I fit them in wherever I can, depending on height.

My Books

The shelf below ranges from Beverley Nichols to Nevil Shute, all favourites.

Katrina's Books

Some of my bookshelves

I’m going to be offline for a week or so, so I thought you might like to get a squint at just a few of my bookshelves meantime. I’m actually in the process of cataloguing all of my fiction books on computer, so that I can have a list of them all at my fingertips on my phone. I hate standing in a bookshop and wondering if I already have a copy of a book, it’s so difficult to keep track of them all and doublers do occur. I’m sure you know that feeling! I hate that Virago changed the design of their books, I so much prefer the plain old green ones. An old copy of High Wages sneaked in here, it’s a quandary, should I shelve books by publisher or author?

Virago Books

These books are the top two shelves in the bookcase nearest my side of the bed, within easy reach. I bet you own a lot of these ones too.
Katrina's Books

Some bookshelves

I love looking at other peoples’ bookshelves, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I thought I would start photographing some of them. This bookcase originally belonged to my in-laws, as did some of the books but I have bought quite a few of them.

The second shelf houses what was a great find in a second-hand/used bookshop, a beautiful copy of Elizabeth’s German Garden by a lady. I just had to buy it, loved it and it led me to Elizabeth von Arnim’s other books.

I love old leather bound books, some people actually buy them by the yard/metre but that’s madness, they’re just crying out to be read. The cream coloured book on the top shelf is the first classic book which I ever bought. I must have been about 9 years old and it is Catriona by R.L.Stevenson. I bought it because the title is my name, Katrina, only with the Gaelic spelling. When I got it home I realised that it is the sequel to Kidnapped so I had to read that one first.

A lot of books like these ones were originally given as school prizes and such is the case with The Adventures of Don Quixote. It was presented to Miss Marjory Besford for gaining certificates in English, Latin, Mathematics, Science, French and Drawing – in 1909. She was my husband’s granny.

I’ve read most of the books now, but not Robinson Crusoe or Walter Scott, and my Thomas Hardy phase was a long time ago, in my teenage days, it might be time to re-visit some of them.

I admit to buying the Penelope’s Experiences books because they are so gorgeous to look at but the writing is lovely too. They’re by Kate Douglas Wiggin who is better known for writing Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin has a nice cover too. It’s another of granny’s school prizes. For me, books turn a house into a home, whether they are leather bound beauties or mass-produced paperbacks. Often the oldies are much cheaper than new ones, nowadays.